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Understanding the Importance of Whole Home Water Filtration


If you are one of the 268 million Americans who get their water from a community water system, you may assume that it's completely safe to drink and use right out of the tap. The truth is, unfiltered tap water carries over 2,100 known contaminants that have more of an effect on your family and home than you may realize.

With whole home water filtration, you reap the many benefits of pure, filtered water that is contaminant-free. A home water purifier removes these dangerous toxins from all of your water and saves you from unwanted consequences in the future. Here are three of the many great things that come with installing whole home water filtration:

    Keep your family healthy. Properly filtering your home's water is the easiest, most effective way to protect your family against disease. For example, did you know that the chlorine that these systems filter could be fatal to your loved ones? When heated, chlorine releases vapors that can cause long-term health issues such as headaches, breathing problems, and even cancer. It's simply not worth the risk to not have a water filtration system in your home.

    Make your appliances last longer. By removing chlorine from your home's water supply, whole home water filtration systems will prolong the effectiveness of all your water-using appliances. This includes washing machines, hot water heaters, coffee makers, dishwashers, and everything in between. Appliances can break down much faster with constant exposure to chlorine and other undesirable contaminants that can be removed with home water filtration.

    Save money down the road. Have you ever noticed a reddish-brown stain developing on your shower? This is probably due to iron exposure. When you remove iron in water, your fixtures last much longer, saving you boatloads of cash in future fixes and replacements. And a healthier shower equals a healthier bank account. When you obtain whole home water filtration, you're not making a purchase; you're making an investment.

    These are just a few of the many reasons you should be considering a whole home water filtration system. If you already have one, comment below and tell the others what they're missing.

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