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Dear Customer,

Our goal at PuriTeam is to help you select the right filter for YOU and your needs. One size does not fit all when it comes to filtration. We work with you to make sure you purchase the correct water filter system for your situation. We have a no-pressure approach to sales. If you feel good about us and our products, you buy from us. It’s that simple.

And when the water quality in your home is amazing, we hope you’ll tell your friends and family about our company and rave about our service!


Following are some of the nice comments we get about our customer service…

Thank you for your consideration in applying the holiday discount to our order, even though I had missed it by a few days. It is service like this that will insure that your company will continue, and grow. I will have no hesitation to recommend your company whenever appropriate, and will also list you as a preferred provider on my website (wellness based information). Thanks again.”  – Mike C.

Joy – You are a joy to work with. Thank you for all your interest in my problems. It is great working with a person who really cares about customer satisfaction. Thanks to your advice the problem has been solved. You are 100% correct, the drain was not functioning properly. Thanks to you I didn’t have to call the repair man to fix my problem. You were right on target and quickly diagnosed the problem. It was a pleasure working with you. You made my day! Thanks for all your help.”  – John S.

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for answering my various Emails and questions. I just finished ordering the unit you recommended, TWFC-9C.

I choose PuriTeam because of the excellent customer service in response to my questions, a high quality product and competative pricing. Thanks and I’m sure I’ll be happy with the total water filtration system.”  – Roger M.

Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I was delighted to hear your enthusiasm and great willingness to help me have a water filter that worked! Yahoo! Much appreciation.”  – Kathy

Both items arrived today. The brushed nickel faucet is beautiful! It will go well with our stainless sink. Thanks so much for your help!”  – Nancy

Thanks. I think I’d better buy stock in your company. Your professionalism and customer service are exemplary. Thanks.”  – Bonnie H.

Thank you so much for your immediate response, I really do appreciate that. And may God bless you for that. I want the PuriTeam XR-100 Auto Filter and the Whole House Filter. Thank you once again.”  – Steven

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My name is Joy Parker and I am the sole Managing Member of PureJoy Filtration, LLC dba puriteam.com. As a Mother and a Grandmother I have a passion for helping others obtain the best filtration products available. With a Granddaugther who suffers from eczema I know first hand the affects the environment (especially chlorinated water) can have on a person with skin conditions and general skin sensitivity. Our team of experts here at puriteam.com will work closely with you to determine your specific filtration needs and match you with the right set-up for you and your family.

In good heath,

Joy Parker

In Loving Memory of

Maria Williams, Former President PuriTeam.com

National Women’s Business Enterprise Certified Business

Jan. 13, 1972 – Apr. 23, 2014

Maria was the founder of PuriTeam.com and the owner of The Water Team, Inc. She was a loving Mother of two amazing boys and that was her first priority. Besides being the best Mother possible she also had a passion for business and for helping others succeed in business. Maria was highly educated as well she graduated from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY with a B.S. in Communications. She also earned an MBA from the University of Delaware. After graduation, she worked for many years in the corporate world until discovering the opportunity to bring the world better quality water. From then on it became her passion and she was proud to serve customers all over the world. The impact she made on others will never be forgotten and her memory will live on forever through the lives she touched.