Are you one of the 48 million Americans who receives water from a private or household well? If so, you probably know that your water needs to be clean and free of contamination in order to get your recommended eight servings of water per day -- not to mention that you also need that water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and other essential activities around the house.

What many people don't realize is that there are more than 2,100 contaminants commonly found in tap water. Although well water can be safe, it also needs treatment so it is clean and safe to drink. If you're using well water, here are three different kinds of treatment that your home might need to deliver safe and clean water to your family:

  1. Install a home water chlorinator: One of the first steps in bringing well water to your home is to set up a home water chlorinator to cleanse it. A well water chlorinator will help to disinfect the water and remove bacteria from it. This is an important step if you are getting your own water from a nearby well, since it will not have been treated by your town or city, or only have minimal treatment at best.

  2. Filter out chemicals and sediment: After installing a home water chlorinator, you'll also then need to remove that chlorine and the other chemicals from the tap water. For instance, arsenic removal from well water is especially important when it comes to providing safe and clean drinking water for your family. These filtration systems remove sediment and chemicals.

  3. Decide on additional whole house or select filtration: Some who receive tap water from municipal sources will only use filtration in the kitchen or other spots where they might get drinking water. Others may also install filters for their bathtubs and showers, which can't always remove everything by themselves. However, there are also home water purifiers that can improve water for the whole house, so hard water in the shower and unclean drinking water won't be an issue.

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