Nothing is more important to the healthy function of the human body than clean drinking water. Residents of the United States tend to have the luxury of taking clean water for granted, but perhaps this sense of safety is just a tad misguided. The United States uses more than 340,000 gallons of fresh water every day. Although our water sources are clean, there are many reasons installing a home water purifier of some kind is a good idea.

The majority of Americans get their water from a public water source, while a small percentage get their water from a private well (268 million vs 48 million, respectively). Private wells are not regulated the way community water sources are, and can often be a source of hard water or other contaminants that would normally be detected by annual testing. Hard water not only tastes bad, it’s an efficiency killer for household appliances- cutting their effectiveness by almost half. Well water filtration systems can help soften the water from your household well, making it taste and smell better.

While public water sources are regulated and disinfected, they also come with their own dangers. The water must travel through miles of pipes to get to your faucet, collecting dirt, sediment, and runoff on the way. Not only that, but the main chemical used to disinfect water (chlorine), often lingers in the smell and taste of the water. A city water filter will easily remedy this.

Chlorine, when heated, also creates vapors that are not necessarily healthy to breathe in. Long term chlorine exposure has been found to cause a whole host of health issues. Removing the chlorine from your shower water can help with eye redness, headaches, and make your skin softer. The general remedy for this is a water filter shower head, but because they must filter water at very high temperatures, they are not always 100% efficient. The only way to make sure your city water filter is 100% effective is to install a whole home water purification system. These systems may seem unnecessary, but the health of you and your family is not a trivial matter. Clean drinking water is not a luxury.

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