Filter the water in your kitchen with an under-counter water filter unit.  Your drinking and cooking water will be filtered. With cartridges lasting up to 3 years, the sink water purifier is as economical as it is healthy. See individual product descriptions for details.

Under Sink Water Filters

An under the sink Reverse Osmosis water filter provides super-purified water quality for those wanting the best water quality possible.  Get rid of your bottled water costs with a reverse osmosis house water filter system at a great cost.

Our UC-Series under counters (UC-12, UCT, UCD-12C) will filter the chlorine, heavy metals, and VOCs.  Long-lasting house water filters and a lifetime warranty on the housing assures you of the best value in home filtration.

The sink water purifier installation can be handled by a handy homeowner or you can hire a plumber to install it for you. Installation instructions can be found on every product page.

Find a plumbing contractor at eLocal to install your water filtration system today.