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Why do I need a bath filter?

Chlorine is most harmful when it is heated. Once the water is heated the chlorine becomes a harmful vapor and breathing in those harmful vapors is not healthy over time. If you prefer a bath over a shower or you have small children that require only baths then you would benefit greatly from using a bath ball.

Why choose a bath ball over a whole house filter?

If you have the ability to install a whole house filter that is the best option however some people do not have that option due to renting, lack of space, or budget restrictions. Bath balls are very affordable and you can take them anywhere. For example; you or your child are staying with a friend for the weekend and they have heavily chlorinated water. You can easily put your bath ball in a zip lock bag and bring it along. 

Eczema suffers have seen a great improvement by simply bathing in chlorine-free water.

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