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Shower Water Filters Can Promote Beautiful Skin and Hair


Spas across the country are turning to filtered water systems to boost the benefits of their services. You may not be a regular spa customer but appreciate beautiful skin and hair nonetheless. You may want to consider using shower water filters to improve skin tone and the effectiveness of washes and shampoos.

Many spa owners prefer some type of water filtration system since they believe that regular tap water can clog pores because of the bacteria and minerals it contains. They firmly believe that purer water equals purer skin. Clean and soft water is believed to contribute to clear, soft skin. Heavy water on the other hand can irritate sensitive skin and cause redness.

A good reason to use a shower water filter is that it can make water molecules smaller and enable it to penetrate and hydrate the skin more effectively. Filters can remove chlorine and heavy metals. Chlorine shower filters can drastically improve the appearance of hair and skin.

The adverse affects of chlorine can leave skin feeling dry and itchy. It can cause hair to feel dry, brittle, and more prone to dandruff. When chlorinated water enters the eyes it can leave them feeling itchy and dry.

Depending on the number of contaminants in your local water supply, municipal water can contain high levels of chlorine. If you would like to shower in pure water that leaves you with soft, luxurious skin and stronger, healthier hair then check out our shower filters below.

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