If Hydrogen Sulfide is your only well water issue than our Aeration kit is the one and only system you will need. If you are dealing with multiple issues including iron and manganese we recommend that you following the Aerator kit with a Manganese Dioxide based system which is designed to remove the oxidized particles. If iron is present adding Aeration will turn the water bright red and you will have a mess on your hands if you do not follow with a system designed to remove the oxidized iron.

Our Aeration kit is not designed to address Sulfur Breading bacteria; the only way to keep Sulfur Breading Bacteria under control is with a continuous chlorination system. The tell-tell signs of Sulfur Bacteria are having a very strong smell on predominately the hot water side and a slimy black film in places where the water sits around for a long time including the back of the toilet bowel for an example. If you think you are dealing with a Sulfur Breading Bacteria issue we highly recommend that you have your water tested. We have chemical feed systems available to address this issue and we are happy to provide a specific quote upon request.