When drawing water from an untreated water source such as a private well having a balanced pH is vital. When the pH of water is low the water is considered acidic giving it aggressive properties. Water needs to have something to hold onto therefore the aggressive nature of the acid water will absorb whatever it comes in contact with including copper and lead from pipes.

A neutral pH is 6.8 to 7.2 and having a level below the 6.8 threshold can cause some problems however once the pH level drops below 6.5 the serious issues appear. The common signs of a low pH are blue/green stains in tubs, toilets, and around fixtures. The acidic water will slowly eat away at copper pipes eventually causing pin hole leaks.


The pH of the water is also very important for secondary contaminate removal including iron, sulfur, and manganese. Most oxidizing media resins on the market today that are designed to remove iron, sulfur, and manganese require a pH level of 6.6 or higher to work properly. Therefore you will need to correct the pH issue prior to filtering out the secondary contaminates.

In rare cases when the pH level is below 5.7 one will need a more aggressive treatment to get the pH level up to a neutral level. This is a specialty recommendation consisting of a soda ash injection system of which we can provide a quote upon request.  

You can always fax or e-mail your water analysis to us and we are happy to provide specialty recommendations based on your specific levels. Correcting the pH of your water will protect your pipes and appliances from damage and ensure proper secondary contaminate removal.