Combo Filter / Water Softener

The ease and convenience of an all-in-one system


A water softener does not FILTER your water in any way.  It simply removes the excess minerals, making the water soft.  A filter will remove contaminants such as chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and more. 

If you are dealing with both hard water and contaminants, then a water softener and filter combination system will be a great choice for you.  We offer two water softener and filter combo options.

The first, the Total Water Filtration System offers salt-free conditioning for your hard water as well as 3 stages of filtration for chlorine, heavy metals, and more. 

The second option is a Watts Stacked unit which offers traditional salt-based softening along with standard filtration. 

A third option for the most robust filtration combination, you can choose the PurHome X-1000 and hard water conditioning magnets, ForeverSoft Solution.  Please contact us for a custom recommendation for your situation.