Filtering City Water

Installing a whole house water filter system for city water is a great choice.  You will have clear, clean, healthy and refreshing water throughout your entire home. The PurHome Series of filters by PuriTeam are the leaders in effective filtration for the home.  Our systems filter chlorine, chloramines, VOCs, heavy metals and more. 

You can compare PuriTeam whole house water filters to the competition here. And we're so sure you'll love our water filters that we offer a full six-month guarantee.  Our products use certified components (NSF) and the best filtering media available. 

When choosing a city water filter for your home, it is also important to choose the correct size for your home. That’s why we offer variable sizes according to your home size. One size does not fit all! You can consult us on the best size for you or you can compare the PurHome City Water Whole House Water Filters here.

It is also important to look at how the long the filtration media will last (ours last a minimum of five years), how easy it is to install and maintain, whether it wastes water (ours do not) or requires electricity (ours do not). Do an apples to apples comparison on the PurHome Series vs. the competition and you will make the same choice that thousands of our happy customers already have.

Filtering City Water


Whole House Water Filtration System 

You'll have healthier, better-tasting water for just pennies a day. These water filters for homes are designed for use on city water (water from a public source).  The PurHome series from PuriTeam offers effective filtration with low maintenance in an environmentally-friendly design. 

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