Compare PuriTeam Whole House City Water Filters

At PuriTeam, we offer 4 excellent choices for whole house city water filtration to best meet your needs. PuriTeam has been serving customers online since 1998.

Compare the PurHome X-5, PurHome X-51, PurHome X-1000 and The Total Water Filtration System.

* Licensed plumber is not necessary for warranty, but highly recommended. Incorrect installation will result in void of warranty.

NOTE: The average American family of 4-5 people uses a flow rate 6 gallons per minute and peaks up to 8 gallons per minute.  All above systems meet these requirements.

Important: If you have 1″ plumbing, you should select the PurHome X-51, PurHome X-1000 or Total Water Filtration System

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Competitive Comparison Charts

PurHome X-5 whole house water filtration system comparison

PurHome X-1000 whole house water filter comparison

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Searching for a whole house water filter that removes fluoride?

We think it’s unnecessary.  Find out why.