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Help Me Choose


To receive a free water treatment recommendation based on your custom needs, please choose the type of water you have by clicking on one of the blue bubbles below – either water from your municipality (i.e. “city” water – you get a water bill) or from a private well.  If you have lake or other types of water please choose well water and then indicate the type of water on the form under comments.

I HAVE: City Water Well Water

Please Note: We do not share information; any information provided is used for the sole purpose of making the best recommendation for you and your family; all information is kept confidential. All recommendations are made by in house Certified Water Specialists.

We will respond by email within 1 business day with your recommendation. On occasion, it is necessary to request further water testing be done before we can make an accurate recommendation.

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We also offer free water testing. If you rather go that route please click here for our testing options.