If you have iron, rust, sulfur and/or manganese problems with your well water, then you will need specialized treatment.  Iron stains can leave your sinks and toilets and water-using appliances with deep red or brown stains like the one shown in the picture above.

Excessive Manganese will cause blackish stains on your fixtures.  Any amount over .05 ppm (parts per million) will cause staining, including your laundry.  It is typically found in combination with iron.

Sulfur, or hydrogen sulfide, will produce a rotten egg odor and taste to the water.  It will turn copper plumbing black and is very corrosive.   It is a dissolved gas that may be found in your well water supply. Sulfur smell is offensive and it should be dealt with so that your home no longer smells of rotten eggs, which is a turn-off for homeowners and their guests alike.

The well water experts at PuriTeam can find the right iron, sulfur & manganese solution for you so that that you can enjoy your home and water once again. Not sure where to start?   Get a free water analysis.  Or, you can fill out a well water treatment recommendation today and we will help you narrow down the right system for your specific needs.

Iron, Sulfur, Manganese - No more iron & rust stains, blacks stains or rotten egg odor.