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MC Series Complete Iron Sulfur Manganese and Hardness System Designed for homes with a private well

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  • Iron, Sulfur, Manganese AND Hardness Issues
  • Complete All-In-One System
  • Virtually Maintenance-Free: 4-Year Performance
  • Salt-free way to address hard water


The Most Complete Well Water System Available

Filters iron, manganese, sulfur odor and conditions hard water, all in one maintenance-free unit. The only complete whole house well water treatment system that uses WQA Certified filter media.Filters iron, manganese, sulfur odor and treats hard water, in just one unit.

Conditions hard water, improves quality, taste and odor, removes Iron, Manganese & Sulfur, All-in-one package. WQA Certified Media.

Virtually Maintenance-Free
Great For Well Water

The MC System removes the harmful effects of common water problems found in wells or other untreated water sources, through the use of a 3-stage process, without the use of chemicals or sodium.

Stage 1 + 2:
WQA Certified Mang-Ox Media with a Garnet base is used in the next stage. Mang-Ox is a high purity, high capacity filtration media for hydrogen sulfide (sulfur), iron and manganese reduction. It has the highest capacity filtration than any other maintenance-free media. Garnet will filter sediments and oxidized iron down to the 20-30 micron range. Mang-Ox works on the principal of a catalyst reaction, but itself remains unchanged. The Sulfur, Iron and Manganese in your water will oxidize on the Mang-Ox Media and a simple backwashing cleans the bed of media.

Stage 3:
In the final stage the water passes through the PuriTeam RWE Hard Water Conditioner. This patented system, when installed in a water supply line, controls the formation of scale and corrosion deposits without the use of chemicals and gives the water softer properties. Several are installed in a row onto the distributor tube inside the main filter tank for maximum contact time and effectiveness.

This system is completely automatic, home-owner friendly and fully programmable to suit your specific needs.

Please note:
Filtration is best when pH is above 6.6. If your pH is lower, the water is acidic making it difficult to fully oxidize the contaminants. Acidic water is also very damaging to plumbing, fixtures and appliances. If you have a low pH, you can simply add Aeration. Or, for pH 6.2 and below, add one of our pH neutralizing systems. If sulfur-reducing bacteria is present, a chlorinator may need to be installed prior to the system.

How to choose your size system:

Calculating Your Flow Rate
You will need a watch with a second hand and a 1 or 5 gallon container to measure your flow rate with the instructions below.


  1. Use an outside faucet spigot or inside use a bathtub as the measuring point (if using a bathtub, open BOTH the hot and cold water faucets). Open the faucet completely, wait one minute before filling your container.
  2. Place either a 1 or 5 gallon container under the faucet and measure the amount of time it takes to fill the container in seconds. A 5 gallon bucket works best because it will be the most accurate.
  3. Refer to the chart below. Find the row on the left that contains the size of the container you used to fill with water, either 1 or 5 gallons.
  4. Then, find the column across the top that is closest to the number of seconds in took to fill the container.
  5. The value in the table where the row and column meet is your flow rate in gallons per minute.



Seconds to Fill Container




















1 gallon bucket



















5 gallon bucket





















Need help choosing the right system for your situation?  Get Your Well Water Custom Recommendation Now.



* Removes Iron, Manganese & Hydrogen Sulfide (Sulfur)

* Prevents Staining on Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures

* Prevents Staining on Dishes, Dishwasher, Washing Machine & Clothes

* No Salt or Chemicals to Add, Ever

* Helps Prevent Hard-scale Build-up

* No Routine Service

* Simple to Install - Connects to the Main Supply Line of your House

* Reduces Water Heating Costs

* Excellent for Plant + Flower Growth & Quality

* Prolongs the Life of Water Heaters - Icemakers - Dishwashers - Coffeemakers - Plumbing Fixtures

* Household Cleaning & Maintenance is Reduced

* Clothes are Brighter & Cleaner

* Reduces Existing Scale Buildup

* Creates Crystal Clear Water

"We purchased the MC-9 unit several months ago and have had no problems. The unit is maintenance free and works like a charm. We have had no break thru sulfur smell or iron problems. I am glad we decided to go with the unit and I can't say enough good things about the customer service we received. I would definitely recommend this unit to my friends".   Malinda Bennet, Bryceville, FL


Filtration Information:

Conditions hard water, Improves quality, taste and odor.

Removes Iron, Manganese & Sulfur.

MangOx Removal Capacity:

* Removes Iron up to 27 ppm
* Removes Hydrogen Sulfide up to 17 ppm
* Removes Manganese up to 11 ppm when combined with Aeration

Media will last approximately 4 years before needing replacement.



Fleck SXT valve
Tank size: 9" x 48"
Flow Rate: 9 gpm
Media: 1.1 cu. ft
Valve Plumbing: 1"
H9 2 1/4" x 9 1/4"
Fleck SXT valve
Tank size: 10" x 54"
Flow Rate: 10 gpm
Media: 1.7 cu. ft
Valve Plumbing: 1"
H12 2 1/4" x 13"
Fleck SXT valve 
Tank size: 12" x 52"
Flow Rate: 12 gpm
Media: 2.2 cu. ft
Valve Plumbing: 1"
H12 2 1/4" x 13"
Valve Fleck 2850 
(Chrome Jacket NOT Avail.)
Tank size: 14" x 65 "
Flow Rate: 18 gpm
Media: 3.5 cu. ft
Valve Plumbing: 1.5"
H20 2 1/4" x 17"
Valve Fleck 2850
(Chrome Jacket NOT Avail.)
 Tank size: 16" x 65"
Flow Rate: 22 gpm
Media: 5.5 cu. ft
Valve Plumbing: 1.5"
H25 2 1/4" x 17"
Valve Fleck 2850
(Chrome Jacket not Avail.)
 Tank size: 18" x 65"
Flow Rate: 28 gpm
Media: 6.5 cu. ft
Valve Plumbing: 1.5"
H30 6" x 191/2



 Q: Are there filters that need to be changed?

A: No, there are no particulate filters involved. This system is maintenance-free for at least 4 years.

Q: Can this filter be plumbed before my pressure tank?

A: No, you will need to plumb this filter on your main water line after your pressure tank.


Q: Does this system use salt?

A: No


Q: How long will the media last?

A: The Mang-Ox media will last four years on average. The RWE conditioners have a life-time warranty and never need to be replaced.


Q: How often will the MC Series Backwash?

A: This system will be pre-programmed by the factory to backwash every three days. These setting can easily be modified to meet your specific needs.


Q: How much water is used for each backwash?

A: The MC Series uses about 80 gallons of water per backwash.


Q: How easy is it to install the MC Series Complete?

A:  Detailed installation instructions and supplied fittings including by-pass handles are included to make it easy to understand and install the MC Series system. Also, you or your plumber may contact our knowledgeable Customer Service Technicians for further assistance during the installation process. Installation instructions are available on our website for easy downloading.


Q: Will my water feel soft using this system?

A: No, this system is designed to de-scale your pipes and appliances for mineral build-up, the minerals will still be present in the water. If your hardness level is above 20 GPG you should consider traditional water softening. If you want slippery soft feeling water you need to go with a traditional water softener. We have several of them to choose from.


Q: Will the MC Series kill bacteria like e coli and coli form?

A: No, you will need to either chlorinate or use an Ultra Violet light system to kill bacteria and viruses. We have several Ultra Violet systems to choose from.

Trouble-shooting guide for FTP and MC Series Iron/Sulfur/Manganese Systems

If iron and/or odor returns: A or B
If odor only returns and on hot water only: C

A) If the sulfur odor and/or iron level has returned to your water then this may be an indication that these contaminants have built up inside the system prematurely. The filter media can last anywhere from 1 – 5 years with 1 year being on a very extreme, high usage  condition and 5 years on a light application; 3 years is average. If none of the below procedures help solve the condition, it may be time to re-fill your filtration system with new media.

1. Be sure to check that you have enough GPM to properly backwash your treatment system and that the drain line is not clogged. The backwash requirements for each system should be at least 5 GPM for 8” tanks & 9” diameter tanks and 7gpm for 10” & 12” tanks. You can run the drain line to measure the amount of time it takes to fill a 5-gallon bucket. This verify that you have enough water to properly clean the media during the backwash cycle and to ensure the drain line is not clogged.

2. Once this is verified, you will need to set your water treatment system to backwash more frequently and/or for a longer duration. If you have the Autotrol valve, more frequent backwashing is the only option as the backwash duration is
automatic. For Fleck valves, instructions on how to program the valve are on page 12 in the Fleck Manual. Be sure to first set the time to 12:01 PM, and the press the up and down buttons simultaneously until the red program light is on. Pressing the Extra Cycle button will forward you tot he next value. Press this button as many times as needed until you get to the value "A-- " followed by a
number. This number represents the number of days between regeneration and that number should be a 2, or 1 if necessary. Use the up or down arrows to change this number. Cycle 1 and 3 should be changed to a value of 20 or 30 minutes as needed. You can start with 30 for a period of about 2 weeks and then drop down if the situation clears up. Any other values do not apply to your system
so simply press the Extra Cycle button as many times needed until you return to the time of day. Once you return to the time of day it may be properly re-set to the correct time.

NOTE: If you have an Autotrol 263/460i valve as opposed to the Fleck, you do not need to re-program the cycles times, the settings are already set at maximum. You can however, change the number or days between regeneration so that it backwashes more often.

3. In addition to these valve settings, you will need to re-chlorinate your well as contamination of the odor and/or iron has entered your pipes and water heater. Please follow the procedure in the “Chlorination of Wells” sheet. Once the well is chlorinated, put your backwash system into by-pass and let the chlorine run into the pipes in your home, and hot water heater, for re-disinfection of sulfur and
possible sulfur bacteria (harmless, anaerobic bacteria that also carries an odor). You can run each faucet until you detect the smell of bleach and then turn off your faucets. Run each shower for about 1minute as well and flush each toilet once. Be sure to also run the chlorination water to each hot water side. Then put the treatment system on-line (take off by-pass) and run the closest sink for about
1 minute to allow chlorine inside the tank. Let the water sit in the pipes and the treatment system for at least 4 hours, then run the system into a backwash cycle.

After the backwash is ended, you can flush your water for several minutes to flush the chlorinated water out of the pipes.

B) Odor and/or iron that is not solved by more frequent backwashing or re-chlorination, is an indication that either sulfur or iron bacteria is present in the well (these systems do not filter or kill bacteria), or that the levels may be too high for the FTP or MC system to remove all of it. In either case, an additional treatment system will need to be purchased and installed in front of the existing system. It is best to have your water tested to determine if sulfur or iron bacteria
(anaerobic) is present and this would need to be performed by a local lab. If you have a severe sulfur odor problem that seems predominant especially in your water heater, that is a pretty clear indication that sulfur bacteria is present.

1) If sulfur bacteria or iron bacteria is present, then a chlorination system will be needed. This is installed between the well pump and the pressure tank. A very small amount of a chlorine and water solution is injected into the water line, and this will kill the anaerobic bacteria and oxidize some of the sulfur odor and iron. The FTP or MC
will remove the remaining iron and sulfur. Cost is only $499 delivered price. Call us for details.

2) If sulfur or iron bacteria is not present, then these levels can easily be reduced prior to entering the backwash unit with an Aeration system. This process oxidizes iron and hydrogen sulfide gas to optimize the performance of the filter media as it enhances the catalytic reaction. There is no maintenance on this system. Cost is only $399 delivered price. Aeration will also help reduce iron and sulfur odor even if bacteria is present, although it may not rid it completely depending on the severity.

The chlorination system is the only way to ensure complete removal of sulfur bacteria for extreme cases.

C) If you have sulfur odor present on the hot water side only, this is an indication that sulfur bacteria may be present and breeding in the hot water heater. Below are three options to remove existing sulfur odor from the hot water tank:

1) Replace or remove the magnesium anode. Many water heaters have a magnesium anode, which is attached to a plug located on top of the water heater. It can be removed by turning off the water, releasing the pressure from the water heater, and unscrewing the plug. Be sure to plug the hole. Removal of the anode, however, may
significantly decrease the life of the water heater. You may wish to consult with a reputable water heater dealer to determine if a replacement anode made of a different material, such
as aluminum, can be installed. A replacement anode may provide corrosion protection without contributing to the production of hydrogen sulfide gas.

2) Disinfect and flush the water heater with a chlorine bleach solution.
Chlorination can kills sulfur bacteria, if done properly. If all bacteria are not destroyed chlorination, the problem may return within a few weeks.

3) Increase, the water heater temperature to 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71 degrees Celsius) for several hours. This will destroy the sulfur bacteria. Flushing to remove the dead bacteria after treatment should control the odor problem.

CAUTION: Increasing the water heater temperature can be dangerous Before proceeding, consult with the manufacturer or dealer regarding an operable pressure relief valve and for other recommendations. Be sure to lower the thermostat setting and make certain the water
temperature is reduced following treatment to prevent injury from scalding hot water and to avoid high energy costs.





Installation Instructions


Fleck SXT Valve Service Manual

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Warranty: 10 year warranty on the tank. 5 year warranty on the control valve and components. ** 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee

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