Bacteria in Well Water

If you have coliform bacteria (bacteria that live in the digestive tracts of humans and many animals) or e-coli bacteria in your water, it must be eliminated to safeguard your health. 

There are three ways to combat bacteria in your water:

 1.  UV (Ultraviolet) Water Filtration


2. Chlorination by Shocking the Well or Providing a  Continuous Chemical Feed

3. Boiling all the Water Prior to Use

Typically, bacterial contamination in water occurs with private well water, but it can also occur with public water sources in the event of a breach in the water treatment facility.  You may have heard of "Boil Water Advisories" relating to your city water.  This means that bacterial contamination has or may occur.

With well water, many well owners mistakenly assume that their water is safe from bacteria, but this is not always the case.  It is recommended to test your well at least every 2 years.  There are many factors that can increase the likelihoold of bacteria such as flooding in the area of the well, septic system malfunctions, and various sources of fecal matter and more.  One indicator may be you, your family or your visitors experiencing unexplained stomach problems.


  • At PuriTeam, we offer the full line of  PURA UV Water Treatment Systems for bacterial and viral contamination in water. The PURA UV water treatement systems not only disinfect the water, but the double and triple models will also remove chemical contaminants and sediment from your water.



You can also request a  Recommendation on the Best Treatment Systemfor you.