Compare Top Brand Water Softeners / Hard Water Conditioners

Below is a comparison chart of top leading water softener brands in the industry. For a comparison of water treatment systems that provide both filtration and hard water conditioning, click here.

Since PuriTeam has been omitted from other comparison websites as most are "for profit" and affiliated with the products they compare, we thought you'd like to know how PuriTeam stacks up. PuriTeam (formerly PuriTec) has been serving customers online for over 12 years and you can take a look at our BBB Online rating, click here.



The Premier PS-1000 Plus option adds a post carbon block to filter chlorine, chlorine by-products such as THM's as well as many other VOC's including pesticides and herbicides. Choose this option in the shopping cart for only $199.00. Simply replace the carbon block cartridge on average every 14 - 18 months. Price includes the Big Blue Housing w/steel bracket, sump wrench and a 5-year supply of 4 carbon cartridges (a $600 value for only $199!)

Compare Top Whole House Combination Filtration/Salt-free Hard Water Conditioning Systems


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