Six Benefits of a Countertop Water Filter


Most of us already understand bottled water is not a healthy, sustainable, and clean alternative to tap water.  It is also shockingly expensive when compared to tap water’s cost per gallon.Countertop Water Filter


If you are asked to choose solely between tap water and bottled water, tap water is significantly less expensive and very often, much healthier; however, tap water poses several problems.


In fact, it is because of the concern about tap water that bottled water has become such an important industry, basically because tap water is far from being free of hazardous pollutants.


The best solution available so far to deal with low drinking water quality at home is the water filter.  It is clearly the healthiest alternative to bottled and tap water. 


A water filter will remove many hazardous pollutants such as cryptosporidium, a chlorine-resistant protozoan that makes its way into municipal water facilities which can cause severe gastrointestinal illness.


In addition, filtered water is a lot less expensive than bottled water and costs only a bit more than untreated tap water, without mentioning that it helps with the serious environmental issues that bottled water poses.


Most definitely, today filtered water is the best option in regards to purity and economy, and this is why we give you here 6 critical benefits of using a water filter:


  1. The water tastes better

A water filter will make your water taste and smell better, because it removes chlorine and bacterial pollutants.


  1. The water is safer to drink

Drinking water from a water filter ensures you are not drinking lead, which is a poisonous substance.


  1. It saves you money

A water filter costs much less than buying bottled water.


  1. It is healthier in every way

You can reduce the risk of rectal, colon, and bladder cancer by using a water filter, because it removes chlorine and its byproducts from the water before you drink it. Incredibly, the right water filter can offer protection against 2100 known toxins that may exist in the water.


  1. It boosts the water’s properties

Some filters are able to remove the hazardous pollutants while preserving the healthy mineral deposits that balance the water’s pH.


  1. It supports children’s development

Children require pure water to grow healthy and strong immune systems.


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To view for yourself how easy the installation of a PuriTeam water filter is, watch our video, "How to Install a Countertop Water Filter In Less than 5 Minutes".


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