Whole House Water Filter

Get Healthy Water for Your Entire Home with the PurHome X-1000


The PurHome X-1000 home water filtration system includes chlorine and chloramine filtration!


* High Capacity Whole Home Water Treatment - Perfect for Homes up to 5 baths

* Filters contaminants for up to 10 years or 1 million gallons

* Includes 6-month Satisfaction Guarantee

* Includes lifetime technical help - at no cost

* Available at factory-direct price of $1,499 - shipping included

*This whole home water treatement system gives you fresh, crystal-clear water on all home taps, including showers, baths, sinks, washing machines, dishwashers, hot water heaters, and your refrigerator

* Provides healthy for cooking and drinking

* Chlorine-free water for softer hair and better skin

* Clothes stay brighter with less fading

* Extends the life of water-using appliances

* Water heaters operate more efficiently

* Maintains healthy minerals
* Inhibits bacterial growth

* NO electricity needed

* NO backwashing needed - that means no water waste 

* Environmentally friendly home water filtration system

* Easy installation, bypass included


PurHome X-1000 for Homes up to 5 baths ... $1,499 with free shipping
10 Year Capacity
Available Only at PuriTeam.com






NOTE: The PurHome Series Whole House Water Filtration Systems are designed for city water.  If you have well water, please browse our selection of well water filter systems or get a recommendation for your well water system.  You can use the PurHome Series on Well Water if bacterial contamination is not a concern or you pair it with a UV-light system.





 How does the PurHome X-1000 Whole House Water Filter work?



  • Water flows through the washable sediment filter Cutaway_PurHomeX1000New2.pngfirst.
  • Then it flows in an up-flow design through the layers of media to filter the water of chlorine, chloramine, and contaminants
  • It then flows to every water outlet in your home - giving you fresh and clean water every time!


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"We had our PurHome Water System installed at the end of November, 2009. Because of the new system our water quality has significantly improved. Our drinking water is so clear, clean and chemical free that we no longer need to buy case after case of bottled water, since the water from our tap tastes so good. This system has also eliminated the odor you’d notice after showering. Our shower no longer has the pink build up on the grout and marble, and the hard water stains have been slowed. This water also leaves your skin less dry after showers. I’m sure this system will prolong the life of our appliances by eliminating harmful chemicals, and particles in our water system. This has been a terrific decision, and has improved our quality of life in our home."

- Francine & Dick Holzer, West Grove, Pennsylvania

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