Home Water Filter - 8 Advantages of Buying One

A Home Water Filter is fast becoming a necessary and There are many advantages to buying a home water filter.welcome appliance in the American home.  A Water Filter for House is absolutely necessary for our physical wellbeing and everyday life.  Nevertheless, as important as it is, the majority of us know very little about the water we consume at home on a daily basis.


It is your responsibility to know how this precious resource can benefit or affect your life and the life of your loved ones, and here we help you by giving you 8 advantages of using a whole home water filter:


  1. You can rest assured your home’s water is clean

When you use a whole water filter such as the PurHome X-1000, every water source in your home will offer water free of chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, VOCs and more.


  1. The air you breathe is cleaner

Your shower water steam will no longer contain harmful chlorine byproducts, known at THMs.


  1. The clothes you wear are truly clean

Since dangerous chemicals are removed as soon as they enter the plumbing system, there is no chlorine or other hazardous chemicals in the water you use for washing, so these will not remain in your clothes.


  1. You bathe with clean water

Even though you may think the water you shower with every day is clean, the truth is that it most probably isn’t.  Only a whole water filter is a truly effective shower filter, because it filters water at low temperatures to ease the removal of chlorine and other chemicals.


  1. Your dishes are cleaner

If you do not use a whole water filter, the water that your dishwasher uses will be full of chlorine that is released as vapors into your kitchen’s air, but it also creates more soap scum on dishes.


  1. The water you drink is healthy

Only by using a water filter you can ensure the water your family drinks is completely clean.


  1. It promotes general health

A whole water filter promotes health at home by alleviating the effects of asthma and allergies, because it makes the air you and your family breathe cleaner.


  1. It beats the municipal water treatment and other sanitation systems

Once the water goes through the municipal water treatment or other sanitation system, whether it is unpolluted or not, it goes into your home.


A whole water filter is the last means of defense against breakdowns in any system, and it is a reflection of your responsibility to directly care for your family’s health.


PuriTeam is a leading provider of advanced and effective technologies in water treatment and air cleaning for commercial and residential use worldwide.


Our whole water filter cleans all the water in every outlet in your home so that you enjoy high quality water for drinking, cooking, bathing, watering plants and more. 


For city water, our whole water filter separates chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, VOCs and more.  We offer you a combination system that will tackle hard water issues, iron in the water, sulfur, and manganese, among others. 


If you are interested in improving your family’s health through a whole home water filter we invite you to contact us right away, because we have what you need!