Home Water Filtration -
10 Smart Tips to Buy the Most Effective System

Choosing the right home water filtration system for your family is a great way to protect your family's health.


Girl Drinking Water.jpgWhether you need a system to filter contaminants that cause odor, taste, or visual issues in your water, or to get rid of chlorine that can cause rashes, allergies and even major diseases, here we give you 10 smart tips to buy the most effective home water filtration system:


1. Prefer a system with certified parts and media

Water filtration systems that are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), the Water Quality Association (WQA) or other reputable organizations have been meticulously tested to meet strict health and safety standards.


2. Look for positive reviews from real customers
Are they happy with their purchase?  Would they recommend it to a friend? What about installation - it is a do-it-yourself job or will you want to hire a plumber?

3. Ask for the warranty
Good water filtration systems come with a significant warranty in case of malfunctioning, and this shows that the companies are willing to back the product they are offering.

4. Ask if there is a money back guarantee
Make sure your covered if you receive a faulty product or you are dissatisfied in any way.

5. What are the maintenance requirements?
How often will you need to maintain it?  It is do it yourself job?  If so, are you willing to do it?  If not, are you willing to hire someone to do it for you?  Also, what are replacement filter costs?

6. Understand the water filtration system’s features and where it will be installed.
In some systems, the filtered water flows directly from the tap to your glass, while others need a storage tank. Or, is it a whole house filter.  Do you have adequate space for it in a basement or garage?

7. Get a system that solves your problems
If a water test shows that your water has issues, get a filter designed to get rid of multiple contaminants.

8. Confirm the company’s experience
Verify how long the company has been working with water filtration.  Of course, the longer they have been in business, the better they understand your needs.

9. Ensure the system is easy to install
A good water filtration system will be easy and relatively inexpensive to install.

10. Get the best price possible for the features you need
But remember price is not always the only or even the best factor to make a purchase decision.

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