Iron, Sulfur, or Manganese Problems with Your Well Water?


 Treat it Effectively Today.  Guaranteed.
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You don't have to live with stains on your sinks, toilets, and other fixtures.  Or that awful sulfur odor (smells like rotten eggs) in your water.


  • Are you tired of scrubbing your toilets, sinks and other fixtures, but never getting them really clean?
  • Does your house stink like rotten eggs (sulfur odor) from your well water?
  • Do you have black or dark brownish/red stains that won't even come clean?
  • Is your water hard and causing scaling issues on your hot water heater, washing machine and other appliances? 


You no longer have to deal with these annoying and troublesome issues with these iron, manganese and sulfur water filters. Now there is an effective and ultra low-maintenance system to filter the iron, sulfur and manganese, the PurHome FTP.  And if your water is hard, there is a solution that combines iron, sulfur, manganese and hard water scale issues all in one, the MC-Series

Not sure of the right solution for you?  Fill out a well water recommendation form and we can help you choose!


The Top 4 Mistakes People Make When Buying a Treatment System for Iron, Sulfur or Manganese:


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#1  Ignoring the Problem

Remember the old sign at the dentist?  "Ignore Your Teeth...They'll go away."  These problems won't disappear on their own.  The longer you wait, the bigger the problem will get.  (And you might have gotten used to the odor, but I'll bet your guests have not!)   

#2  Thinking a Water Softener Will Solve the Issue

A water softener, despite what some so-called experts may have told you, will not correct sulfur smell at all.  And while a softener will address very small amounts of iron and manganese, doing so will tax out the system prematurely.  The way to deal with iron, sulfur and manganese is to address it head-on... with a system specifically designed for it. 

#3  Taking Advice from a Non-Expert

Your plumber or other "expert" may tell you what you need, but they are not the well water experts.  Depend on a company that has been serving well water highly satisfied customers online for over 12 years.   Did you know 98% of our customers would recommend us to a friend?  We think that result speaks for itself.

#4  Overpaying. 

Don't flush your money "down the drain".  (We just love water puns!).  Get a system that has practically no maintenance and will provide continuous service for 4 years on one media refill.  A system does not have to cost thousands of dollars to be effective!

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Our systems carry a 6-MONTH SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  How can we offer that?  Simple, these systems are effective, and returns are very, very rare.  We work with you up front to make sure that the system you are getting will solve your issues.