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"Finally, a whole house water filter that combines the best features of effective filtration into one unit - at a price you can actually afford."


You have several options when it comes to taking care of your water problems.

First, you can purchase from a local water treatment dealer charging Local Water Treatment Dealeryou thousands of dollars for a new system, along with an annual "maintenance" contract costing you hundreds more each year.  This option is usually best for people who like things "done for them" and don't mind paying a large premium for the service. You might be talked into more equipment than you need, but hey you can afford it, right?

Next, you can go to your local Lowes, Home Depot or other local hardware store and purchase one of their house water filters.  It will be cheap and will probably only last a little while.  In that time, it will likely only address the chlorine in your water and not much else.  If you have heavy metals, chloramines or other water problems, it won't do anything to remove them, but at least you didn't pay too much.

You can opt for a drinking water-only filter.  This is not a bad option, especially for those on a budget or for renters who do not want to alter their plumbing.  It will only remove the contaminants in drinking water and do nothing for your bathing, laundry, dishwasher or other water-using appliances.  But if drinking healthier water is your goal, then this will achieve it.  We have  Countertop Water Filter options starting at $99.00.  Or under-counter water filter options starting at $149.00.  We are happy to help you choose one, just call us at 888-491-4100. 

Finally, you can choose to do nothing.  shape-cross-out-copy.pngThat's right, you can do nothing to address your water problems.  You can continue to deal with chlorinated baths and showers (a known cancer-causer) and bad-tasting or smelly water.  Your health may suffer from drinking water with chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines in it, and maybe even some heavy metals such as lead, copper or mercury, but you can hope for the best and hope it works out.


These are all real options and choices people like you make everyday.  We'd testimonial-1-copy.pnglike to show you why our choice is a better one for most people.  It combines the ideal balance of value for the most effective filtration at an affordable price.   

When it comes to selecting a new whole house water filter, there are several things to take into consideration.

In fact, we created a full 35-page ebook about how to choose a water filter.  You can request it here. It's free and is chock full  of valuable information.  It's called "The 7 Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Water Filtration System." 

But if you're not one to read long ebooks, then we've described what you should be looking for right here on this page in plain English. And of course, if you ever have any questions you can call us at 888-491-4100.  We are here Monday through Friday 9am-7pm Eastern Standard Time.


Many of our customers like some guidance in choosing the right whole house water filter for their needs.  If you'd like some help, just fill out this quick and easy form and we will get back to you with a recommendation within 1 business day:



Buying Checklist

When researching a filter to buy, there are a few key things to keep in mind.  Your goal is to have effective filtration at the best possible price.  You want something easy to install, easy to maintain and then you want to forget about it!  Just turn on the tap, the shower, the laundry - any faucet - and out comes clean, healthy water each and every time.  Look for systems that provide these features to ensure you'll be happy with your purchase for years to come.

1. Performance The filter you purchase must be effective against PurHome X-1000 Whole House Water Filterchemicals like chlorine AND chloramines (be careful - many filters do not address chloramines, yet many municipalities use it) and heavy metals such as lead, copper mercury, nickel, and chromium. The filtration should also take care of VOCs (volatile organic compounds such as paint solvents and MTBE) and SOCs (synthetic organic compounds such as herbicides and pesticides). 

This performance can be verified by the use of filtration certified media and components by NSF or WQA (Water Quality Association).  Be wary of endorsements like "Consumers Digest,"  which licenses its awards for advertising purposes (i.e. companies pay for their "Best Buy" Seal of Approval.) As an example, The Wall Street Journal points out that General Motors received no fewer than 15 CD “Best Buy” awards, and GM has paid the magazine to use those ads in its marketing and advertising efforts.


2. Power  You need a filter that can handle the flow capacity in your home.  A filter should be sized appropriately for your home to ensure it can tackle showers, dishwasher and washing machines running at the same time.  If you under-size the filter for your home, you will always be unhappy with the level of performance.  By the way, you can't really oversize a filter, so if you want a high capacity water filter it can be used even in smaller homes.

Oh, and it should also LACK power ... because it doesn't require electricity or backwashing.  A properly designed city water filter does not require backwashing if it's an up-flow design.


3. Up-flow Design  The water should flow through the filter from the bottom up, otherwise water will always find the path of least resistance and render your filtration pointless as it passes over the same media over and over gain.  By creating an up-flow design, our filters do not require electricity or backwashing like many other whole house water filters do.


4. Ease of Installation  While installing a filter should not require a PhD, it does require some basic plumbing knowledge.  Our filters are simple enough to install that a handy homeowner can do it, but if you're not comfortable doing it yourself, you should hire a plumber.  You can watch a video installation here and decide whether you can do it yourself.  Maintenance is pretty simple, too.  Just a  matter of changing prefilters as recommended.


5. Predictable Costs  Annual maintenance costs for pre-filters run from $25/year to about $80/year.  So that's about $.21/day max.  The cost to replace the media in 5 years (or 10 years, depending on which model you choose), is reasonable too. 


6. A Ridiculous Guarantee If in the first six months of ownership, you decide the whole house water filter is not giving you great-tasting, healthy water every time, you should be able to return it for a refund.  There is also a ten year warranty on parts like the tank, head and pre-filter housing.


There is only one brand of whole house water filters on the market today that meets all these criteria at an affordable price: the PurHome X Series, with the PurHome X-5, the PurHome X-51, and the PurHome x-1000.

Which one is right for you? Here is a chart to help you pick the best PurHome X Series for your home:

compare puriteam whole house water filters

You cannot find these filters anywhere else. manufactures the PurHome filters to meet our exacting specifications.  Others may imitate, but no one can duplicate. 


Want to compare a PuriTeam Whole House Water Filter to the competition?  You can see an apples-to-apples comparison here. 



Why Choose PuriTeam?






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