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"If you have well water, you know there's an overwhelming number of options for how to deal with problems like iron, sulfur, manganese, bacteria, viruses, hard water and other annoying problems. 

We've been helping people like you make the right choice for their situation for 13 years.  We provide solutions guaranteed to work at a price you can afford."


You have several options when it comes to home well water treatment systems and taking care of your well water problems.

First, you can purchase from a local water treatment dealer charging Local Water Treatment Dealeryou thousands for a new system, along with an annual "maintenance" contract costing you hundreds more each year.  This option is usually best for people who like things "done for them" and don't mind paying a large premium for the service. You might be talked into more equipment than you really need -- and too frequently the wrong equipment -- but hey you can afford it, right?

Next, you can go to your local Lowes, Home Depot or other local hardware store and purchase one of their home water filtration systems.  It will be inexpensive and will probably only last a little while.  It will likely get clogged pretty quickly. Big-box hardware stores do a lot of things really well, but taking care of serious well water issues is not one of them.

You can opt for a drinking water-only filter.  This is not a bad option, especially for those on a budget or for renters who do not want to alter their plumbing.  It will only remove the contaminants in your drinking water and do nothing for your bathing, laundry, dishwasher or other water-using appliances.  If drinking healthier water is your goal, this will achieve it.  We have  Countertop Water Filter options starting at $99.00.  Or under-counter water filter options starting at $149.00.  There are special options available just for those with well water.  We are happy to help you choose one, just call us at 888-491-4100. 

Finally, you can choose to do nothing at all.  shape-cross-out-copy.pngThat's right, you can do nothing to address your well water problems.  You can continue to deal with stained tubs, dirty laundry and clogged dishwashers. Or water that stinks like rotten eggs or tastes like something you'd rather not drink.  You can continue to buy bottled water so you don't have to deal with the problem directly.  You're spending way too much on bottled water and cleaning products, but it's become a way of life so you don't notice too much.

These are all real options and choices people like you make everyday.  We'd testimonial-1-copy.pnglike to show you why our well water treatment systems are a better choice for most people with a private well.  It combines the ideal balance of value for the most effective home water filtration at an affordable price.   

When it comes to selecting a new whole house well water filter, it's a bit more complicated than selecting a filter for city water.  There are lots more problems that well water can have like iron, rust, sulfur, manganese, hard water, bacteria, viruses, and more. 

In fact, treating well water can be so complicated that we created a full 17-page ebook about how to choose the correct well water filter.  You can request it here. It's free and is chock full  of valuable information.  It's called   "The 7 Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Water Filtration System." Be sure to choose the "Well Water" option to make sure you are getting the right book! 



If you're not one to read long ebooks, we've described what you should be looking for right here on this page in plain English. And of course, if you ever have any questions you can call us at 888-491-4100.  We are here Monday through Friday 9am-7pm Eastern Standard Time.

 We can help you choose the right well water treatment system for you.  Just fill out this quick and easy form and we will get back to within one day with a recommendation! 


 First Things First: What problems are you dealing with?

In order to get the correct system to deal with your water problems, you need to know what exactly you are dealing with.  Have it tested.  We can test it for free or you can have an independent lab conduct the test.  It will be more expensive but also much more comprehensive than what we can test for.  We can test for a few basics like pH, iron, hardness, nitrates and nitrates.  But if you want a full analysis you'll have to go to a real lab for that.  We recommend 

Once you know what problems you are dealing with or can accurately describe your issues to our reps, then give us a call and our well water experts will help you identify the right solution to your problems. 

When researching a filter to buy, there are a few key things to keep in mind.  Your goal is to have effective filtration at the best possible price.  You want something easy to install, easy to maintain and then you want to forget about it!  Just turn on the tap, the shower, the laundry - any faucet - and out comes clean, clear, and healthy water each and every time.  Look for systems that provide these features to ensure you'll be happy with your purchase for years to come.


Buying Checklist 

1. Performance  

The filter you purchase must be effective against your specific problems.  And contrary to what most water dealers will try to sell you, a water softener does not effectively deal with all well water problems!  You want something that is going to last and requires the minimum amount of maintenance that will actually get the job done.   

NSF Logo 2.gifYou also want effectiveness that can be verified by the use of certified media and components by NSF or WQA (Water Quality Association).  Be wary of endorsements like "Consumers Digest,"  which licenses its awards for advertising purposes (i.e. companies pay for their "Best Buy" Seal of Approval.)  For example, The Wall Street Journal points out that General Motors received no fewer than 15 CD “Best Buy” awards, and GM has paid the magazine to use those ads in its marketing and advertising efforts.


2. Power to Deal with Multiple Issues in One System 

Perhaps you have iron, sulfur and manganese problems.  We have an iron, sulfur, manganese system that will deal with all three at once.  And if you have hard water on top of those things, you can get the MC Series which addresses hard water problems without salt. 

We also feature PURA products which incorporate the protection of UV along with sediment and carbon filtration all in one convenient unit.  It is the only systems of its type available on the market today.  So if you're concerned about bacteria and viruses in your water, a PURA UV system is the way to go.


Toilet Before and After.jpg3. Ease of Installation 

While installing a filter should not require a PhD, it does require some basic plumbing knowledge.  Our filters are simple enough to install that a handy homeowner can do it, but if you're not comfortable doing it yourself, you should hire a plumber or other water treatment installation professional.  Keep in mind that most well water filters require a drain line for the backwashing process which keeps the media clean.


4. Predictable Costs 

Annual maintenance costs will vary by which system you need for your situation, but rest assured you'll have an exact estimate for annual costs, if there are any at all. 


5. A Ridiculous Guarantee 

 If in the first six months of ownership, you decide the whole house water filter is not giving you great-tasting, healthy water every time, you should be able to return it for a refund.  There is also a ten year warranty on parts like the tank, head and pre-filter housing.




Why Choose PuriTeam?



Still not sure which PurHome is right for you?  Just click here for a HELP ME CHOOSE form.  You fill it out and we'll get back to you with a recommendation with 1 business day. 




 Iron / Sulfur / Manganese Problems  (iron staining, sulfur smell or odor, black stains)

Hard Water -  Want a traditional water softener? (add salt to system)

Hard Water -  Want a salt-free water conditioner? (no salt to add)

 UV Water Purifier (For bacteria problems such as e-coli and coliform)

 Chlorination  or  Aeration