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Autotrol Performa 762 Demand Water Softener

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  • High quality at a great price
  • Easy to program digital display
  • Select from 32,000 Grains and Up (Not sure? Click How to Size a Softener)


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The Autotrol Performa Home Water Softeners
are designed for home owners who demand both quality and price. An Autotrol water softener will incorporate many features that were a direct result of feedback from existing customers. The valves are manufactured from composite plastics and are designed to provide high flow rates over a wide range of applications.

Say Goodbye to hard water spots and stains

Features state-of-the-art electronics and programming features. The Autotrol water softener is one of the most user-friendly softeners available anywhere. Patented Vortech tank uses up to 30% less water and prevents water channelling. Installation parts are provided for both PVC and copper piping and valve is pre-programmed for your convenience.

A traditional home water softener will soften your hard water.  Prior to purchase, you should know what your hardness level and iron level is to ensure the system will take care care of the hard water as efficiently as possible.

Need help sizing your home water softener?  Or just give us a call at 888-491-4100.


Autotrol Water Softener Features & Benefits:

* Economical pricing

* Top quality components

* Metered valves for greater efficiency
* Double backwash for optimum results

* Vortech™ tank uses up to 30% less backwash flow rate

* High flow design maximizes the high efficiency valve technology

* Riser tube in tank permanently attaches to base making re-beds simple

* Self-cleaning nozzle design prevents clogging

* Increase in softening capacity due to improved flow through media

* No channeling of media, providing a cleaner more efficient system

* Environmentally friendly, reduces required backwash times

* Treated water for regeneration re-fill

* By-pass included (3/4" or 1")

* 10 year limited warranty



Q: Will my water feel slippery soft using the Autotrol water softener?
A: Yes, the Autotrol Performa completely removes the minerals providing a slippery soft feel.

Q: Can I use Potassium instead of salt as a regenerate?

A: Yes, you can use either one or the other and in fact you can mix the two if you prefer.

Q: Where can I buy the salt or potassium needed to regenerate this system?
A: You can pick up rock salt or potassium locally at any Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Q: Does this system provide filtration for contaminates like Chlorine and VOC’s?
A: No, this system is designed to soften the water only.

Q: Can I use this system to treat my iron issues?
A: This Autotrol water softener will remove small amounts of iron and manganese however we do not recommend treating an iron issue with a water softener if you have a lot of iron and hard water is not an issue. We have a great iron removal system that is maintenance free (click here) for more details.

Q: Will the Autotrol water softener remove “rotten-egg smell” caused by sulfur?
A: No, this system is not designed to address sulfur in any way. We do however have several systems that will address sulfur issues, please ask our friendly experts for advice on which system is best for you.

Q: How long will the softening resin last?

A: We use a high capacity softening resin that will last on average 10 years.

Q: How much water is used in the regeneration process?

A: This system will use an average of 100 gallons on water per regeneration process.



How to size your water softener

Autotrol Performa 762, 32K
Mineral tank size 9”x 48”
Brine tank size 15”x17”x36”

Autotrol Performa 762, 48K
Mineral tank size 10”x54”
Brine tank size 15”x17”x36”

Autotrol Performa 762, 64K
Mineral tank size 12”x48”
Brine tank size 15”x17”x36”

If you require a larger size, please call us or email us.



purhome x-1000 installation instructions manual


Autotrol Valve Operation & Programming Instructions




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10 Year Warranty on Tank 5 Year on Components
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