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PurHome Arsenic Removal System

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  • Arsenic removal only
  • Arsenic water filters can be used for both well and city water applications
  • Maintenance-free self cleaning system



The PurHome Arsenic Removal System is designed to remove Arsenic from water at the whole house level. This is a self cleaning system that comes with a factory programmed control valve that is set to backwash every 3 days.

It uses a strong hybrid anion exchange based resin called ASM-10-HP specifically formulated to selectively remove arsenic (+5 arsenic; see notes below on +3 arsenic).

Arsenic is a inorganic contaminant and it is not acceptable at ANY level.  It can cause skin damage, nervous system disorders, circulatory system issues and puts those who ingest at an increased risk of cancer, including malignant tumors on skin and lungs. 

There are two types of arsenic (3 and 5).  Arsenic 3 is a dissolved form of arsenic and therefore more difficult to remove from water.  If both types are present, see note about adding aeration or chemical feed prior to system to ensure removal of both arsenic 3 and arsenic 5.

Arsenic can be naturally occurring such as in soil or bedrock, or also from man-made sources such as from semiconductor manufacturing, petroleum refineries, wood preservatives, or animal food additives.

Features and Benefits

- Highest arsenic removal capacity of organic based arsenic removal media

- NSF/ANSI 61 Certified for Material Safety by Water Quality Association

- Effective on pH range of 5.5 to 8.5

- Superior physical stability.  The particle sizes are uniform and spherical in shape which allows for a very low drop in pressure and a superior resistance to bed compaction like some other resins. And it will not shed particles.

- NOTE: If arsenic (+3) is present, aeration or chemical feed must be installed prior to system.  This will allow the dissolved arsenic to be removed by the Arsenic Removal System.

- Vortech tank design lifts media above the bottom filter cone for better filtration and less water waste with back-washing process

- The hybrid anion exchange resin, ASM-10-HP will typically last for about 2 years. To be certain, you should test your water for any presence of arsenic 1 year after installation and every 6 months thereafter.  See media replacement costs for more information on pricing.


 Q: Where does this system get installed?

A: This system will need to be installed on your main water line after your pressure tank but before the hot water heater.

Q: How long will the ASM-10-HP media last?

A: The ASM-10-HP media will last two years on average. With a higher level of Arsenic you may get one year of useful life and with a low level you may get three years. It is recommended that you test your Arsenic level after one year and then every six months after that.  Remember, there is no level of arsenic that is acceptable.

Q: Will this system remove other contaminates such as iron or sulfur?

A: No, this media is specifically designed for Arsenic removal. We have specialized systems for iron, sulfur and manganese removal. Having multiple contaminate issues may require multiple treatment systems. Please contact us toll free @ 888-491-4100 if you are dealing with multiple issues and need assistance in the selection process.  We are here to help!

Q: Can I use this system if my pH level is low?

A: Yes, this Arsenic removal resin can be used with a pH as low as 5.5.

Q: What type of Arsenic will this system remove?

A: The ASM-10-HP media used in this system is designed to remove AS+5 Arsenic.  If arsenic (+3) is also present, we recommend you add aeration or chemical feed.  We can help you decide if this is necessary.


Filtration Information:



Arsenic is a known carcinogen, increasing the risk of cancer even at very low levels. Arsenic occurs naturally in many groundwaters throughout the USA, and less commonly in surface waters. With the recent passage of new limits restricting arsenic levels in municipal water, many public water supplies now require arsenic reduction as part of their treatment process.

Although there are many treatment technologies available for arsenic reduction, including reverse osmosis for arsenic +5, one of the simplest methods is to use an arsenic selective adsorbent media. This type of system is ideal for residential systems as well as larger commercial and municipal systems, requiring little maintenance and only periodic monitoring.

ASM-10-HP is specially prepared to be taste and odor free. It is also dust free, does not require respirators or other protective devices while handling and requires no rinsing or backwashing prior to use. ASM-10-HP is WQA certified to meet the ANSI/NSF 61 standard for potable water.




Suggested Operating Conditions

System uses a standard 110volt plug

Temperature - 170F max
Pressure loss - 25 psi max

pH level - 5.5 to 9.5

Sizes & Specs

ARS - 10 gpm

Fleck ProFlo valve
Tank Size - 10" x 44"

ARS - 12 gpm
Fleck ProFlo valve
Tank Size - 12" X 48"

* If you are not sure which size to order it is recommended that you conduct a flow rate test. Following are some instruction on how to calculate your flow rate:

Calculating Your Flow Rate
You will need a watch with a second hand and a 1 or 5 gallon container to measure your flow rate with the instructions below.

  1. Use an outside faucet spigot or inside use a bathtub as the measuring point (if using a bathtub, open BOTH the hot and cold water faucets). Open the faucet completely.
  2. Wait until the pump kicks on, then go to step 3.
  3. Place either a 1 or 5 gallon container under the faucet and measure the amount of time it takes to fill the container in seconds. A 5 gallon bucket works best because it will be the most accurate.
  4. Refer to the chart below. Find the row on the left that contains the size of the container you used to fill with water, either 1 or 5 gallons.
  5. Then, find the column across the top that is closest to the number of seconds in took to fill the container.
  6. The value in the table where the row and column meet is your flow rate in gallons per minute.


Seconds to Fill Container




















1 gallon bucket



















5 gallon bucket




















Arsenic Removal System Installation Instructions



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