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Iron Sulfur Manganese Removal Filter designed for homes with Private well water


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  • Self-Cleaning Maintenance-Free Iron, Sulfur, Manganese Removal System
  • WQA-Certified Media with 4-Year Performance
  • This sulfur, iron, manganese water filtration system offers excellent Performance at a Low Price
  • Designed for the treatment of well water


Iron Filtration System that also Removes Sulfur (that rotten egg odor) and Manganese From Your Water.iron in toiletcloseup.jpg

Effective and Simple Iron, Manganese, and Sulfur Water Filter with No Routine Maintenance Required!

Mang-Ox is an WQA Certified high purity, high capacity filtration media for removal
of hydrogen sulfide (sulfur or "rotten-egg" odor), iron (see picture on right) and manganese.

The PurHome FTP Series is an automatic backwash system that consists mainly of Mang-Ox (formerly called Catalox) with a Garnet base. Mang-Ox is an WQA Certified high purity, high capacity filtration media for iron, sulfur, and manganese removal. Garnet will filter sediments and oxidized iron down to the 20-30 micron range.

Mang-Ox works on the principal of a catalyst reaction, but itself remains unchanged. The Sulfur, Iron and Manganese in your water will oxidize on the Catalox Media and a simple backwashing cleans the bed of media.

There is no routine maintenance on this sulfur, manganese and iron filtration system - no filters to change, no salt or regenerate of any kind. This iron filtration system has a simple design, and easy to install, yet a very effective and reliable water treatment system. The media will need to be changed every 4 years, on average.

See Specifications below for Sizing.

Please Note: Filtration is best when pH is above 6.6. If your pH is lower, the water is acidic making it difficult to fully oxidize the contaminants. Acidic water is also very damaging to plumbing, fixtures and appliances. If you have a low pH, you can simply add Aeration. Or, for pH 6.6 and below, add one of our pH neutralizing systems.

Need help choosing the right system for your situation?  Get Your Well Water Custom Recommendation Now.



* High capacity for removal of iron, manganese and sulfur odor with no maintenance whatsoever

* Fleck ProFlo Control Valve comes pre-programmed! Just enter the day and time

* All electronic backwash valves are "set it and forget it", but our Fleck ProFlo valve may easily be re-programmed if ever needed to fit your specific needs for better performance.

* By-pass valve included at no additional charge!(a $45 value)

Mang-Ox media shipped separately so the system will not be too heavy when transporting to the installation site (we even include the funnel)

* Long lasting, self-cleaning media means no filters to change.

* Ready to install! Includes 100 ft. of drain line and drain line clamp

* Media lasts about 4 Years, but is not guaranteed to last a full years due to variation in water quality

* Full 5-year warranty on all parts: 10 years on tank.

* Free shipping in the continental U.S.

 * 6-Month Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.


Filtration Information:


Effective reduction of iron, sulfur and manganese with this water filtration system

Durable material with long service life and low annual attrition of media bed

No chemical regeneration required; only automatic periodic backwashing

Mang-Ox Removal Capacity:

* Removes Iron up to 27 ppm
* Removes Hydrogen Sulfide up to 17 ppm
* Removes Manganese up to 11 ppm when combined with Aeration




Valve:     Fleck ProFlo, Self-backwashing.
Plumbing:     3/4" or 1" MPT, 1/2" drain line

PurHome FT-8P
Dimensions:     8" diameter x 51" high
Flow rate:     6 GPM
Backwash Min*     8 GPM

PurHome FT-9P
Dimensions     9" diameter x 55" high
Flow rate:     8 GPM
Backwash Min*:     10 GPM

PurHome FT-10P
Dimensions:     10" diameter x 51" high
Flow rate:     10 GPM
Backwash Min*     12 GPM

PurHome FT-12P
Dimensions     12" diameter x 55" high
Flow rate:     12 GPM
Backwash Min*:     15 GPM

* The FTP Catalox systems require a certain amount of water available for backwash. This is important to ensure adequate backwash to regenerate the media bed. Please be sure that you have enough GPM to backwash prior to purchase.

How to choose the size of your manganese, iron and sulfur water filter system:

Calculating Your Flow Rate
You will need a watch with a second hand and a 1 or 5 gallon container to measure your flow rate with the instructions below.


  1. Use an outside faucet spigot or inside use a bathtub as the measuring point (if using a bathtub, open BOTH the hot and cold water faucets). Open the faucet completely, wait one minute before filling your container.
  2. Place either a 1 or 5 gallon container under the faucet and measure the amount of time it takes to fill the container in seconds. A 5 gallon bucket works best because it will be the most accurate.
  3. Refer to the chart below. Find the row on the left that contains the size of the container you used to fill with water, either 1 or 5 gallons.
  4. Then, find the column across the top that is closest to the number of seconds in took to fill the container.
  5. The value in the table where the row and column meet is your flow rate in gallons per minute.



Seconds to Fill Container




















1 gallon bucket



















5 gallon bucket





















Q: Are there filters that need to be changed?

A: No, there are no particulate filters involved. This system is maintenance-free for approximately 4 years.  

Q: How often should the media in the tank be replaced?

A:  The media in the tank will last approximately 4 years. For replacement media, click here.
Q: Can this filter be plumbed before my pressure tank?

A: No, you will need to plumb this filter on your main water line after your pressure tank.

 Q: How often will the FTP Mang-Ox Backwash?

A: This system will be pre-programmed by the factory to backwash every three days. These settings can easily be modified to meet your specific needs.

Q: How much water is used for each backwash?

A: The FTP Series uses about 80 gallons of water per backwash.

Q: How easy is it to install the FTP Catalox system?

A:  Detailed installation instructions and supplied fittings including by-pass handles are included to make it easy to understand and install the FTP Catalox system. Also, you or your plumber may contact our knowledgeable Customer Service Technicians for further assistance during the installation process. Installation instructions are available on our website for easy downloading.

Q: Does this system address hard water?

A: No, this system is designed to remove only iron, general sulfur, and manganese. If you are looking for a system that combines iron, sulfur, and manganese removal with a hard water conditioner we recommend the MC Series complete.

How do I Install the PurHome FTP?

Congratulations! You have just purchased one of the highest quality iron, manganese and sulfur reduction systems available. Our Structural tanks are constructed of FDA approved plastics inside, called polyethylene, and reinforced with fiberglass on the outside for strong and durable support. The control valve is easy to program, and we recommend that you set the valve to backwash approximately every 3 days, depending on the contaminant levels and amount of water used. For very high iron, manganese and/or hydrogen sulfide, or for high water usage applications, backwashing may be set everyday if necessary. NOTE: It is highly recommended to chlorinate the well immediately prior to installation for water supplies with hydrogen sulfide present. Let the chlorinated water run into the pipes in the home and sit for several hours to eliminate sulfur odor that may have built up.

How to Assemble:
The FTP contains both Garnet and Mang-Ox. Because of the weight of the two medias, we ship the Mang-Ox and Garnet separately to prevent damage to the tank during shipment. The filter is designed for the water to pass through the Mang-Ox media first, and then the Garnet. The water enters the main filter at the inlet side of the valve head, travels down through the media, is picked up by the center or riser tube, and exits the other side of the valve head.

1. Place the provided blue cap on the end of the riser tube and push the tube firmly into the center of the tank. The blue cap prevents any media from falling down into the tube during filling. If the blue cap is missing, you may use tape to close the opening.

   2. Place the funnel into the opening, and pour the Garnet (dark purple color) into the filter tank. Next slowly pour in the Catalox (black sand like material) media on top.

   3. Remove the funnel and carefully remove the blue cap or tape from the tube without pulling up on the riser tube.

   4. Pour water into the tank with a bucket to saturate media, and fill until all media is completely covered. Then carefully screw on the valve head, with the tube going into the hole in the center. Be sure to tighten securely.

   5. Now follow the installation instructions for Control Valve for inlet and outlet hook up, as well as the line to drain. Note ‚ The small, stainless steel, pipe clamp is to be used to hold the drain tubing to the barbed drain fitting.

IMPORTANT: After installation, let the water enter slowly into the tank before opening supply fully. The Mang-Ox fines are black in color and will need to be flushed through until water runs clear. You will need to backwash several times upon installation to fully flush these fines from the system. The entire backwash process takes about 2 hours because the system „rests¾ between cycles. After backwashing, be sure to run water at the closest sink for 10 ‚ 20 minutes until clean.

Information on how to program the valve is on page 12. The only settings that affect your system are days between regeneration which may be set anywhere from 1 ‚ 6 days depending on the levels of sulfur and iron in your water, and Cycles 1 and 3 which should be set for a value of 10 minutes. This may be increased if necessary.

How long does the filter media last?

It is difficult to say for sure. The filter media can last 5 years or more depending on the levels of contaminants and the amount of water used in the home. If you find that your iron or sulfur removal is not as good as it was in the beginning, often times chlorinating the well again, and running chlorine into the tank is enough to regenerate the media. Let the chlorinated water sit in the tank overnight, and then backwash about 3 times in a row to cleanse. If the sulfur odor persists, sulfur-eating bacteria may be present. This is an anaerobic bacteria that is harmless to ingest, but gives off an odor all its own. If the chlorination procedure is not enough, a chlorinator should be installed in front of the FTP.  Contact PuriTeam for more information.



 Trouble-Shooting Iron/Sulfur Return in Water/ Fleck Valve

If you are getting some iron and or sulfur through your water system after a few months time, it may be these contaminants have built up into the media inside the unit. There are a few trouble-shooting methods for this.

    * Check to be sure that the pH is above 6.6 as acidic water will not oxidize properly otherwise.

    * Check to be sure that you are getting 5 GPM on the backwash by filling a bucket with the drain line and timing during a backwash cycle. You can of course put the system manually into backwash for this.

    * Set the backwash time for longer than the standard 10 minutes for better cleaning. On page 12 in the Fleck Manual, it shows how to put the valve into program mode. Set cycle 1 for a duration of 20 minutes and set cycle 3 for a duration of 20 minutes.

    * Set the calendar day override (valve A-- #) to a value of 1 (1 day) for a duration of one week, then you can set the value back to 2 or 3 days.

    * Lastly, you may need to run chlorine into the system, as chlorine oxidizes iron and sulfur, and will clean the media bed. And you will need to run the chlorinated water into your pipes to kill any odor that may be lingering there. To do this, chlorinate your well per the attached instructions (the polyphosphate is optional) and let the chlorinated water run into your pipes first. You will need to put the unit into by-pass mode and run water at a the furthest sink until you detect chlorine at your faucet. Then turn the faucet off, and repeat this procedure at each faucet, hot and colt. Then put the treatment system back into service, and run the closest faucet again for about 1 minute so that the chlorinated water enters the system. Then let the water sit in the tank and pipes overnight, or at least 4 hours, and flush out in the morning.

If you are still having problems at this point, please provide us with your phone number the best time to reach you and we will have one of the technicians call you. You may also order new media which will be provided at a pro-rated price.

Installation Instructions:




Current Stock:
178.00 LBS
5.00 (in)
5.00 (in)
5.00 (in)
Warranty: 10 Years Tank and 5 Years on Components. 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee


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Great system, easy to set up!

Randy on 13th Oct 2019

I was frustrated trying to find what system was best for my situation. Puriteam was very helpful in solving my issues and recommending the correct system for my specific needs. It was easy as sending them a water analysis. The system was easy to install and set up. Puiteam's communication was over the top, always ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. My system is working great and we are pleased!

Mang-Ox treater performs well

Scott Thompson on 29th Jul 2019

I'm very satisfied with my new Mang-Ox treater. Joy Parker helped select the right system for my well water and despite my apprehension it completely removed the sulfur smell from our water without any chemical additives. I recommend Puriteam for problematic well water treatment systems. Scott

This is the easiest, most reliable system

22nd Jun 2011

I've had my Purhome filter system for 2 years now and have had 0 problems. Our water is clean and has a clear taste (no salt). Our sinks and toilets remain as new with regular cleaning. This system was the least expensive, most reliable I could find after I researched extensively. The best thing to do is have your water analyzed and pick out the best Purhome system for your situation. They could have sold me more expensive systems , but recommended the one least expensive based on my situation. They are great to work with and answer all your questions promptly and provessionally.