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  • Breakthrough in Salt-Free, Hard Water Conditioning Technology
  • 1-3 bathrooms, 10 gallon per minute flow rate
  • Environmentally Friendly - No Salt, No Electricity, No Water Waste


Maintenance-free hard water conditioner system with no electricity, no water waste and no salt. Guaranteed to last 5 years.

Amazing 600,000 gallon life or an average of 5 years* - GUARANTEED.

PuriTeam Premier Water Conditioners are effective and safe for the whole house. No salt or chemicals are added to your water. Long lasting filter media provides years of trouble-free hard water conditioning.

What can I expect from the PurHome Premier Whole House Water Conditioner System?
This saltless water softener is maintenance-free, with no water discharge. The PurHome Supreme uses an innovative filter media called Filtersorb® SP. It works as a catalyst to remove existing scale from pipes, fixtures and water heater coils.

This saltless water softener goes on to protect these from future formation of scale. Water rinses cleaner with no “slippery” feel like you get from traditional water softeners. You will experience better sudsing, easier cleaning, clearer rinsing.

The PS-1000 Saltless Water Softener is Best For:

1-3 bathrooms
10 gpm flow rate
Up to 20 gpg hardness


The Unsurpassed Benefits of the Premier PS-1000 Water Conditioner System

    * No electricity

    * No water waste (no backwashing)

    * No operating costs

    * No salt or chemicals to add

    * No slippery feel as with salt softeners
    * Reduces Harmful Effects of Hard Water Scale
    * Easily wipe away any water spots

    * Simple to Install - Connects to the Main Supply Line of your House

    * Reduces Water Heating Costs

    * Excellent for Plant + Flower Growth & Quality

    * Prolongs the Life of Washing Machines, Dishwashers & Fixtures

    * Reduces Household Cleaning & Maintenance

    * Clothes are Brighter & Cleaner

    * Softer, Smoother Skin & Hair

    * By-pass Included

    * Sediment pre-filter is Washable and Reusable



What is hard water and what problems can it cause in my home?

Hard water is water that has a high mineral content, consisting mainly of Calcium and Magnesium. When hard water is heated it precipitates these minerals to form hard deposits sometimes called lime scale. Problems caused by this scaling effect include reduced efficiency of water heaters, dishwashers and other water-using equipment; reduced flow through faucets, showerheads and appliances; hard water spots on mirrors, shower doors, and dishes; inefficient sudsing and cleaning.
How is hard water usually treated?

Hard water, for the past 40+ years has been treated with a traditional water softener that uses a process called ion exchange. Sodium chloride (or potassium chloride) is used to re-charge the softening resin in a filter tank, releasing the sodium (or potassium) portion into your drinking water and throughout your home. This type of technology requires routine maintenance, electricity and a water drain line.
But now you have a choice…

The PurHome Premier Conditioner is the safest, most effective, easy to install water conditioner available anywhere. It requires no routine maintenance, no electricity and no line to drain; only a simple inlet/outlet connection is required. Fabricated of only the highest quality, certified components, it will provide you years of trouble-free service.

Can the PurHome Premier Conditioner be used on any water?

For best results, your water should contain less than 3 ppm of chlorine. Most city water supplies are far less than this. If you have untreated well water that contains iron or sulfur odor, be sure to pre-treat with one of our iron and sulfur systems.

How do the Filtersorb SP3 function?

Hard water is water that has high mineral content mainly charged dissolved magnesium (Mg2+) and calcium (Ca2+) carbonate (temporary hardness). Filtersorb SP3 is a catalyst media which transforms the dissolved Mg2+ and Ca2+ carbonate into non-charged neutral chemical bonds (calcite crystals). When the crystals reach size in the range of nanometer (microscopic) they detach and are carried away by the water flow. The crystals are heat resistant and do not revert to dissolved state.

Does the PurHome Premier Conditioner remove the minerals?

No, the PurHome Premier Conditioner does not remove the minerals, it simply changes the properties of the minerals.

How long will my PurHome Premier Conditioner last?

The filter media will last minimum of 5 years or 600,000 gallons, guaranteed it or we’ll replace it!*  After the media life, simply re-fill the tank, no need to buy a whole new system.

All other components are warranted for life. No other saltless water softener or water conditioner system has a better performance or guarantee. It's the highest quality water conditioner available.


PLUS OPTION: Filtration Information:

The Premier PS-1000 Plus option adds a post carbon block to filter chlorine, chlorine by-products such as THM’s as well as many other VOC’s including pesticides and herbicides. Choose this option in the shopping cart for only $199.00.

Simply replace the carbon block cartridge on average every 14 - 18 months. Price includes the Big Blue Housing w/steel bracket, sump wrench and a carbon cartridge.

If your water provider uses chloramines, add $299.00 and select the Plus CLM version at checkout.


* Picture shows Plus Version with Post Canister

Specs & Warranty Information:

PurHome Premier PS-1000

Pre-filter: 12” h x 7” diameter (washable and reusable)
System size: 44”h x 8” diameter
Connection size: 1” FPT
Service Flow rate: 8- 10 gpm
Peak Flow rate: 16 gpm
By-pass Included

Current Stock:
52.00 LBS
5.00 (in)
5.00 (in)
5.00 (in)
Warranty: 5 years media*, 10 Year on components 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee *Pro-rated media warranty

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Works as advertised

Montana on 24th Jul 2012

I got the PS-1000 four years ago when I got tired of how hard our water was (and worried about our appliances such as a front-loading washing machine). We had delayed with getting a softener because we really hate traditional water softeners with all the salt, hassle of maintenance, and the awful water that comes out. After fishing around for awhile on line I found this product and after researching it, decided it was legit. I can't complain at all. We got the PS-1000 for a three bathroom house and it has worked absolutely fine. Our glasses and dishes and shower are clean again, but the water tastes and washes the same (e.g. no slimy hair). I had a plumber do the initial installation, but it is actually really easy to do the maintenance of cleaning the filter and changing the carbon filter once a year or so. The media and filters ain't cheap so be sure to wait for one of the 15% off sales! Surprisingly, the local traditional water softener man quoted me a price very similar to what this system cost, and it is so much better. I have two pieces of advice if you get this: -- we had the plumbers install a bypass pipe for when we were changing filters, etc., so we don't have to turn the whole house water off when we do so. It just seemed like a good idea in case anything went wrong with the system... but of course it hasn't! -- the helpful Puriteam person I talked to at the time emphasized that we should use the more "eco" dishwasher detergents, rather than the typical nasty ones such as Cascade, which was great to hear. HOWEVER, we had to try several brands, which are all slightly different in formulation, because many of them left a white film on the dishes and so we couldn't use them. We finally hit on ECOver dishwasher tablets, and the dishes come out sparkling with those. I don't know if this issue is specific with our particular city water, but I recommend trying those first after you have the PS system installed.