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  • Ceramic pre-filter removes 99% harmful bacteria and 100% cysts
  • KDF/GAC filter removes chlorine, heavy metals, and VOC’s
  • Customized to fit your filtration needs: Choose Fluoride, Nitrate, Chloramines, or an Extra Carbon


Customize your protection!

This under sink kitchen water filter includes a 0.4 micron Absolute pre-filter to filter sediments, cysts, turbidity and bacteria to over 99.9%. The second stage is a KDF/GAC made from the highest quality coconut shells filter cartridge to reduce or remove chlorine, lead, pesticides and most major contaminants. You choose the third chamber: filter fluoride, nitrates, cloramines or a carbon block for longer contaminant protection.  Click here for more information about nitrates.

Comes complete with standard chrome faucet spigot. KDF/GAC filter treats up to 12,000 gallons (most competitor's treat only 500 to 5,000 gallons).

Easy homeowner installation.

Optional Faucet Upgrade Finishes:
Optional Faucet Upgrade




* KDF/GAC filter tested and rated for optimum performance at over 12,000 gallons on city water.

* KDF/GAC Filter cartridge needs only to be replaced on average every 3 years. Your specialty filter including Fluoride or Nitrate filter will need to be changed every 12 months.
* KDF/GAC Filter has a built-in 1 micron cyst-rated pre-filter to remove Cryptosporidium & Giardia.

* KDF media is the first stage after sediment to greatly extend the life of the carbon (GAC).

* GAC media is made from highly adsorbent shells-the most highly adsorbent known.

* 1 Gallon/Minute Flow Rate vs. 1/2 Gallon for Most Competitors

* Lifetime warranty on filter housing & faucet, 3-year prorate on filter cartridge.

* 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee



1. How often do I have to check my KDF/GAC filter for chlorine using the chlorine test strips.
a. If you are filtering city water, you may check yearly or if the filtered water had a chlorine smell or taste.

2. Can you use the Model CT-12 or CTD-12 for filtering well water?
a. Yes, you can filter well water with the KDF/GAC filter, and it is recommended that you use the Model CTD-12 which has a ceramic prefilter for bacteria. You should replace the KDF/GAC filter once a year if you live in a farming community where pesticides are used.

3. What is the flow rate of the countertop and under sink kitchen water filter systems?
a. The flow rate is 1 gallon per minute.

4. What happens if water output slows down?

a. If you're using the CTD-12 or UCD-12C filters, the ceramic prefilter is beginning to get blocked with sediment. The ceramic filter should be removed and soaked in warm water to loosen the sediment. Then the filter should be then wiped off with a cloth.

5. Can the KDF/GAC filter get clogged?

a. The KDF/GAC filter may clog if there is too much sediment in your water. It is suggested that you add a prefilter if necessary, these are just $12 to add.

6. When mounting the under sink kitchen water filter faucet in my sink or countertop, what size is required for the faucet to fit.
a. The faucet requires a 1/2" diameter hole for mounting.

7. How do I replace the KDF/GAC filter when it stops removing chlorine?

a. Remove the filter housing using the wrench supplied with your water filter system. The housing has two parts: the base with the metal fittings, or the wide part, and the longer half, called the sump, that screws into the base. Place the wrench over the narrow end of the sump housing and move towards the wider end until it stops. Turn the sump counterclockwise to remove, keeping it over a sink or pail to catch the water. Remove the old cartridge and slide the replacement cartridge into the sump part of the housing with the gold end down (it will only fit one way); on the top of the cartridge you'll see the words "this end up." Place the base of the housing on the sump and tighten (clockwise) completely to prevent leaking.

8. Who makes your filters?
a. We make virtually every part of our water filters, and all parts are made in the USA.


9. Do you have a filter that removes the fluoride that is added to municipal water systems?
a. The KDF/GAC filter will remove some of the fluoride (30 to 50 percent) added to municipal water systems. A special fluoride filter is required to remove virtually all of the fluoride which may be added to double or triple models, such as the UCT.

10. I have a bacteria problem in my drinking water. What product should I use to remove bacteria?
a. The ceramic filter is used to remove bacteria and cysts. Use the Model UCD-12C or the CTD-12, a double undercounter filter with one ceramic cartridge as a prefilter and the KDF/GAC filter as the second filter.

11. Do any of your filters contain silver, which is known to kill bacteria?
a. Silver is combined with some carbon filters to inhibit bacteria, but it may not be safe to ingest silver. The KDF/GAC filter inhibits bacteria growth and it is 100% safe.

12. Can I use bleach to clean the ceramic filter?

a. No. Don't use bleach to clean the ceramic filter. Soak it in water with a few drops of dish washing soap and then scrub with a soapless dish cleaning pad. The 3M Scotchbrite brand (or similar pad), available at any grocery store, works well. You don't want to put bleach in your drinking water.

13. How often can you clean the ceramic filter before it wears out?

a. Each time you clean the ceramic cartridge, a small amount is warn away. The filter can be cleaned 30 times before it wears out (about once a month). It will filter approximately 12,000 gallons. You'll need to replace the filter if it becomes too thin and weak.

14. Does the KDF filter remove chloramine?
a. No. However we offer a Centaur carbon filter that can used in the specialty third cylinder.

15. Many of the filters I've seen use a carbon block filter. What is the difference between your KDF/GAC filters and the carbon block filters?
a. The KDF/GAC filter lasts longer and inhibits bacteria growth. The carbon block filter alone allows bacteria to grow, and must be replaced more frequently.

16. After connecting the diverter to my faucet from my countertop filter, water is leaking from the connection. How to I solve the problem?
a. Water can leak from the top of the diverter if you forget to put the black washer into the diverter before you connect it to your faucet (after you've removed the aerator). A black washer is supplied with all countertop filters. Or, you may want to use some Teflon tape.

Filter Maintenance:

GAC/KDF cartridge should replaced every 3 years as needed.
Ceramic cartridge may be cleaned up to 30 times.
Third stage must be replaced every 12 months.

Purity UCT-F for Fluoride Filtration
FLUORIDE REMOVAL FILTER Contains fine-mesh pre-conditioned Activated Alumina to reduce fluorides below 0.5 ppm. Its capacity is up to 11,000 ppm with effluent levels below 0.2 ppm from 10 ppm feed. Note: high pH and high bicarbonate levels reduce the capacity - above 100 ppm bicarbonate, reduce by 50%; above 200 ppm, reduce by 75%. Also effectively removes arsenic.

Purity UCT-N for Nitrate Filtration
NITRATEs REMOVAL FILTER Contains a special nitrate-selective resin. Nitrate reduction is 90% to 95% and breakthrough is not affected by sulphate levels. The capacity is 5000 ppm of nitrates as CaCO3. To determine capacity, first calculate the ppm of nitrates as CaCO3, then divide that number into 5000 to get the gallons. This cartridge can be regenerated using sodium chloride brine.

Activated Carbon Stage Filters Chlorine and the following:

VOC's 1,1 Dichloroethylene 1,1,2-Trichloroethane 1,1,1-Trichloroethane 1,2 Dichlorobenzene 1,2 Dichloroethane 1,2 Dichloropropane 1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene 1,4 Dichlorobenzene Acrytamide Adipates Benzene Chlorobenzene CIS-1,2 Dichloroethylene Dibromochloropropane Dichloroethylene Dioxin Epichlorohydrin

Pesticides Aldicarb Aldicarb Sulfone Aldicarb Sulfoxide Carboturan Chlordane Endrin Heptachlor Heptachlor Expoxide Hexachlorobenzene Hexachlorocyclopentadiene Lindane Methoxychlor Oxamyl Ethlbenzene Ethylene Dibromide Monochlorobenzene PAHs Phthalate (di(2-ethylhexyl)) Polychlorinated Biophenyts (PCBs) Radon (Radionuclide Contaminant) Styrene Tetrachloroethylene Toluene Total Trihalomethanes (THMs): - Chloroform - Bromoform - Bromodichloromethane - Dibromochloromethane Trans-1,2 Trichloroethylene Vinyl Chloride Xyienes

Herbicides 2,4-D 2,4,5-TP (silvex) Alachlor Alrazine Dalapon Dinoseb Diquat Endothall Glyphosphate Pentachlorophenol Picloram Simazine

Plus, the Patented KDF-55 stage filters (what other carbon-only filters don't have): Copper
Dissolved metals



Size: 12" High x 15" Wide x 5" Deep

Flow Rate: 1 Gallon Per Minute


Installation Instructions:

Under counter water filter installation instructions

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Lifetime Warranty on Housing & Faucet KDF/GAC Cartridge 3 Year Pro-Rated Warranty

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Cloudy at first, but now its great!

Krista H on 30th Apr 2013

This unit is a bit larger and didn't fit next to our garbage disposal, so take measurements first. Installation was easy. At first the water looked a little cloudy, but once the filters got primed, it flows crystal clear. Tastes great and really convenient for cooking and drinking.

Great Tasting Water

Debbie G, Florida on 23rd Jan 2012

After listening to my husband complain about our water for the last 20 years, I finally surprised him with the PurHome UCT under the counter filter. We installed it three weeks ago, and are totally amazed how good the water tastes. Not only was this the best investment for my families health (they are big water drinkers), it was a great environmental decision. Just to think I never have to purchase another bottle of water again..... Can't believe we waited so long to do this. Worth every penny!