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  • 5 Year Performance Guarantee
  • Filters Chlorine, Chloramines, Heavy Metals and VOCs
  • For Homes Up To 3.5 Baths


No other full house water filter system is more affordable and effective at removing contaminants than the PurHome Series from PuriTeam.X-5 X-51 Cutaway.png

The PurHome X-51 whole house filter utilizes the same combination of Catalytic Centaur Carbon and KDF55 as the X-5 but has 1" plumbing and a "Big Flow" 0.35 micron pre-filter that is twice as thick. This full house water filter system removes chlorine over 99% and filters heavy metals including lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium and other dissolved metals and extends the life of the carbon stage while providing a bacteriostatic environment. 

This whole house filter is easy to install.  Watch a brief video installation on the videos tab.

The catalytic carbon reduces chloramines, VOC (chemical) contaminants and odors. It includes a wall mounting bracket for the sediment pre-filter.  It is rated at 10 gallons per minute (gpm) flow rate with peak up to 12 gpm.  Filter media in the main tank should be replaced every 5 years.  Designed for municipally treated water, but may be used on well water if water is microbiologically safe or in conjunction with a UV light system.

Chloramines in your Water? Most municipalities treat water with chlorine, but some cities are now beginning to use chloramines as a disinfectant.  It is a combination of chlorine with ammonia.  The effects of chloramines have not been widely studied yet, but it is considered no less dangerous than chlorine to your health. We now include chloramine removal media at no extra charge.

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Which PurHome Whole House Filter is Right for You?


PurHome X-5: Ideal for homes up to 2.5 baths and roughly 2,500 square feet.

PurHome X-51: Ideal for homes up to 3.5 baths and roughly 4,000 square feet.

PurHome X-1000:
Ideal for larger homes up to 6 bathrooms and roughly 5,000 squarefeet.  For larger homes, two systems can be plumbed in parallel.

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pre filter cleans dirt and sediment from your water

PurHome X-51 Whole House Filter Features:

Crystal-clear, odor-free water throughout your home
Purified, healthy water for cooking and drinking
Chlorine-free water for softer hair and skin
Clothes look brighter with less fading
Extends the life of water-using appliances
Water heaters operate more efficiently
Maintains healthy minerals
Inhibits bacteria growth
Provides clean healthy water for pets
No Electricity
No Backwashing (no water waste)
Easy to install
Low Maintenance: Simply change pre-filter every 3-6 months and media every 5 years
5-year Performance Guarantee
10 Year Warranty on Components



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Q: What are the Internationally Recognized Certifications for the PurHome Series?

   1. Coconut Shell Activated Carbon - NSF Standard 42
   2. KDF-55 Media - NSF Standard 42
   3. Filtersorb SP Media - WQA Gold Seal Certified
   4. KDF-55 Media ­ NSF Standard 61
   5. Structural Tank - NS Standard 44
   6. Structural Tank Registration Certification
   7. Structural Tank FDA Compliance
   8. Plumbing Fittings - WQA Gold Seal Certified
   9. Bypass Valve - WQA Gold Seal Certified
  10. Filox Media - NSF Standard 61
  11. Anthracite Media - NSF Standard 61
  12. Calgon Carbon ­ NSF Standard 42

Q: What is the difference between the PurHome X-5 and PurHome X-51?

A: Connection size and flow rate. The PurHome X-5 has ¾” female threaded connections and can provide a flow rate up to 8 gallons per minute. The PurHome X-51 has 1” female threaded connections and can provide a flow rate up to 10 gallons per minute.


Q: Where should the PurHome X-51 Whole House Filter be installed?

A: The PurHome X-51 is a Point-of-Entry (POE) system, or full house water filter system, and is usually installed in your garage, basement, or water heater closet. The full house water filter system can also be installed outside or buried in the ground in climates where the temperatures do not reach below freezing.


Q: Will all the water in my house be filtered?

A: Yes, the PurHome X-51 will be plumbed on the main water line prior to your hot water heater.


Q: Does the PurHome X-51 require electricity?

A: NO.


Q: Does the PurHome X-51 need to be backwashed?

A: No, the PurHome X-5 incorporates an up-flow designed eliminating the need for backwash and saving water. The PurHome X-5 is truly an Environmentally Friendly product.

Q: How easy is it to install the PurHome X-51?

A:  Watch a Video Installation Here:

Detailed installation instructions and supplied fittings make it easy to understand and install the PurHome system. Also, you or your plumber may contact our knowledgeable Customer Service Technicians for further assistance during the installation process. Installation instructions are available on our website for easy downloading.

Q: What is the cost to replace the media inside the PurHome X-51 after 5 years or 465,000 gallons?

A: The cost to replace the media for the PurHome X-51 is currently only $549.00 including free shipping.

Q: What is KDF55 media?

A: KDF55 is an electrostatic media specifically designed to remove chlorine and heavy metals. Using KDF55 with carbon eliminates the need for backwashing saving water and electricity. KDF55 is an NSF (National Science Foundation) certified water filtration media that is used in Hospitals, Restaurants, Municipal Water Treatment Facilities, and Homes across the United States.

Q: Will the PurHome X-51 remove Fluoride?

A: No, the PurHome X-51 is not designed to remove Fluoride; however the KDF55 media used in this system has shown a reduction of about 60% but that is not high enough to make removal claims. To completely remove the Fluoride we recommend a nano type of filtration. Fluoride is not harmful when bathing and therefore removing it from the drinking water only is the most popular method of treatment. For “super purified” water removing virtually every organic and inorganic contaminant including the Fluoride, we recommend our Hydrotech Push Button monitoring reverse osmosis system under your kitchen sink. This is commonly paired when using a whole house specialized treatment system. We use a high quality one-piece manifold system and it comes with a water quality monitor. You will find information at this link: https://www.puriteam.com/products/Hydrotech-Push-Button-RO-WQA-Certified.html  



Full House Water Filter System Information:

Activated Carbon Stages Filters Chlorine and the following:


1,1 Dichloroethylene
1,2 Dichlorobenzene
1,2 Dichloroethane
1,2 Dichloropropane
1,4 Dichlorobenzene
CIS-1,2 Dichloroethylene


Aldicarb Sulfone
Aldicarb Sulfoxide
Heptachlor Expoxide

Ethylene Dibromide
Phthalate (di(2-ethylhexyl))
Biophenyts (PCBs)
Radon (Radionuclide Contaminant)
Total Trihalomethanes (THMs):
- Chloroform
- Bromoform
- Bromodichloromethane
- Dibromochloromethane
Vinyl Chloride


2,4,5-TP (silvex)

Plus, the Patented KDF-55 stage filters (what other carbon-only filters don't have):

Dissolved metals
AND....Inhibits Bacteria Growth



Dimensions:      Main unit is 44" H, 10 " in diameter; pre-filter is 12" H x 8" in diameter

Filter maintenance:     Filter Media in tank should be replaced every 5 years, pre-filter every few months as needed.

Which PurHome Whole House Filter is Right for You?

PurHome X-5: Ideal for homes up to 2.5 baths and roughly 2,500 square feet.

PurHome X-51: Ideal for homes up to 3.5 baths and roughly 4,000 square feet.

PurHome X-1000:
Ideal for larger homes up to 5 bathrooms and roughly 5,000 square feet.  For larger homes, two systems can be plumbed in parallel.

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PurHome X-51 Installation Instructions and Manual


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5 Year Performance Guarantee (Media, not pre-filter) 5 Year Warranty on Components 10 Year Warranty on Main Tank 6 Month Satisfaction Guarantee


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Replaced 13 year Old system

Michael L Alster on 15th Mar 2018

This unit replaced a similar unit I have had for almost 15 years. The larger pre filter really helps maintain the water pressure throughout the house. The tank is slightly larger than the old unit so we did have to redo the connection to our water main. Works wonderfully and highly recommend.