Should be cleaned with mild soap when filters are changed and replaced only if damaged or cannot be cleaned.  For installation instructions, see the Installation Manual link on the UVBB-3 product page.


Tips on Installing a New Quartz Sleeve and UV Lamp

The quartz sleeve slides over the bulb to keep water out of the electrical components of the bulb connection and to prevents leaks.
The best way to install the UV lamp and quartz sleeve is to remove the control box on the top of the unit by unscrewing the 4 screws that hold the control module in place. In order to do this you must have at least 25” above and below your system. By removing the control box, you may clearly see through the top while inserting the sleeve for more control. You may also plug the lamp in while the control box is removed and then insert it through top with the quartz sleeve already in place and tighten down with the 4 screws.  This is also the best way for replacing the bulb so that you will not need to remove the quartz sleeve once it is in place. Please be sure that the white plastic plunger rod does not fall out from the top of the unit after removing. The tip of this piece protrudes through the bracket and depresses the safety button when the control box is tightened down. (The UVBB series does not use a plunger rod but uses a bolt instead.)
Note: Always replace the quartz sleeve o-rings (included with new quartz sleeve) when installing a new sleeve. It is helpful to grasp the sleeve as close to the top as you can get while twisting it in place. Once the sleeve goes past the first o-ring it will seem like it is in place – you need slightly twist a little more pushing it past that second o-ring. Having the control module removed will enable you to see if the sleeve is all the way to the top.

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