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 10 Micron Carbon Block Filtration.  Replace every 12-18 months, depending on usage and water quality.



How do I change the carbon block filter and/or pre-filter?

Replacement of the pre-filter element is dependent on the
amount of particulate content in the source water. High
particulate content requires more frequent change-out of the prefilter
pleated element. When the element has noticeably
darkened, as determined by a visual check using steps 1-5 below
to access the element, and/or the water pressure has dropped, it
is time to replace the sediment pre-filter element.

Change of carbon cartridge in post-filter is recommended every
18 months to two years, on average. Noticeable taste or odor in
the house water before the recommended time period indicates
need for change in post-filter carbon cartridge.

1. Close main house water shutoff valve, and open near-by
faucet to relieve line pressure.
2. Close backflow valve, if installed.
3. Place bucket under filter housing.
4. Press red button on top of filter head to assure all pressure
has been released.
5. Slide filter wrench up filter housing, and
unscrew housing in counter-clockwise direction of rotation.
6. Remove old filter element from housing, and empty water
from housing into bucket.
Note: While housing is off, lubricate O-ring (silicon grease,
or vegetable oil) on housing. Reorder part number SD10-
0.35 from PuriTec.
7. Insert new filter element into housing and securely re-install
housing into distributor head.
Note: Make sure filter element is positioned in lower and
upper dowels, and hand-tighten housing to prevent possible
damage to distributor head as a result of overtightening.
8. Close faucet opened in step 1, and open backflow shutoff
valve (if installed).
9. Open main water shut-off valve, and verify no water leaks.

(Refer to installation instructions for complete information.)



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Solid product

Ken on 18th Jul 2018

Have always been fully satisfied with this product.