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  • Combines UV Light with Sediment and Double Carbon Filters
  • Your Drinking Water Will be Safe and Crystal Clear
  • Configured For Use in Marine and RV Applications


The Pura UVB-3 Marine is a multi-stage system that combines UV light with sediment and double carbon filters to ensure that your drinking water is safe and crystal clear.

The pre-filter removes sediments and other suspended matter, a granular activated carbon filter and a carbon block filter provide double the filtration capacity along with UV light disinfection as the final stage.

Activated carbon is recommended by the Water Quality Association for the treatment of many organic contaminants.  Click here for more information.

For use on lake water, private well water or city water.

This unit is configured to 12 volt for use in marine and RV applications.



* Have safe, fresh, clean drinking water for your boat or for your RV

* Double carbon filtration

* The ultimate in protection for Boat or RV use



1 What is Ultraviolet?
Sunlight has long since been known to kill micro-organisms. The rays from the sun contain the UV Spectrum used in Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems - although at much lower intensities. It is also referred to as either the Germicidal Spectrum or Frequency. The frequency used in killing micro-organisms is 254 nanometers (nm). The UV lamps that PURA uses are designed specifically to have the highest amount of UV energy at this frequency.

2 How is Ultraviolet strength measured?
The UV light, 254 nm, is measured in water treatment as Microwatts per Centimeter Square. The United States Department of Health has determined that a UV system should provide a minimum of 16,000 Microwatts per Centimeter Square.

3 Is the UV light exposed directly to the water?
Yes. The UV light is in the center of the filter; therefore, is exposed directly to the water. The best way to penetrate water with the UV light is to expose outward radiants into the water.

4 What is the Quartz Sleeve?
The Quartz Sleeve serves three purposes: 1. To isolate the lamp from the water so the electrical contacts are not shorted out by the water. 2. To create a thermal barrier allowing the lamp to maintain its ideal operating temperature of 104 Degrees Fahrenheit. 3. To allow maximum transmission of the UV energy into the water. The Quartz Sleeve is made of pure-fused Quartz which has a transmission rate of approximately 98 percent.

5 How is a Quartz Sleeve cleaned?
The Quartz Sleeve should be wiped down with a damp cloth each time the filter is changed. There is no need to remove the Quartz Sleeve for this cleaning process. If there are any scale or hard water deposits on the Quartz Sleeve, they can be removed by using a vinegar solution or a weak acid solution.

6 How long does a UV lamp operate?

The UV lamps in the PURA series are designed to operate for one (1) year under continuous operation. The lamp will slowly lose energy during this period; therefore, the lamp should be changed annually to guarantee the amount of UV energy available is sufficient enough to kill any micro-organisms.

7 Does UV disinfection make the water taste better?
No. The UV energy entering into the water has no effect on the taste and odor of the water with the exception that certain chemicals will oxidize under the UV light. The taste may change due to this oxidization. This oxidization only takes place when the water is standing for a long period of time in front of the UV lamp.

8 Should UV be used with other forms of filtration?

Yes. Because UV does not change the quality of the water other than killing the bacteria, it is always recommended to have an additional Carbon or Sediment Filter with a UV system.

9 When used with other filters previously installed, where should the UV be placed?
 It is always recommended that the Ultraviolet system be the last water treatment device before point-of-use. Any filter or other water treatment device may cause re-contamination.

10 What causes the black particles to appear in the water when using a Carbon filter? The black particles that appear in the water are from the Carbon filter. During transit, Carbon filters generally give off small amounts of Carbon particles. These particles will be flushed out during the initial use of the system.

11 Is Ultraviolet as harmful as Radiation?

No. The UV light only penetrates the water and is very much like sunlight. There is no residue or residual of any kind in the water that has been treated with the Ultraviolet light. All PURA systems are designed so that no exposure to the UV light is possible. Always use caution when servicing a UV system so you are not exposed directly to the UV light.

12 How much water pressure is required to operate most UV systems?
All PURA systems are designed to operate ideally at approximately 65 pounds of pressure. Although many systems may operate with pressures as low as 20 pounds, the flow rate will decrease due to the low pressure. It is always recommended that if the pressure exceeds 75 pounds, a pressure reducing valve must be used.

13 May I run hot water through my system? PURA does not recommend using hot water or water greater than 100 Degrees Fahrenheit through the UV system. At higher temperatures, the plastics may soften, distort, or weaken; therefore, defecting the system.

14 If the UV lamp is darkened, is it defective?
No. Darkening at the ends of the UV lamp is normal. The UV lamps rarely fail, and failure is usually caused by a too low or too high voltage. It is extremely important that the lamp be changed each year.

15 What is the difference between hard and soft glass UV lamps?

PURA systems exclusively use hard glass for the lamp and Quartz Sleeve. Hard glass is pure-fused Quartz and maintains its ability to transmit UV light over a longer period of time. Soft glass lamps use a glass more like normal window glass, and the UV light causes this glass to solarize and inhibits the transmission of UV light. Normally, soft glass lamps do not last more than three (3) months. Hard glass lamps are designed to operate for at least one (1) year.

16 If I turn the UV lamp off while it is not in use, will it last longer?
No. It is not recommended to turn the UV light on and off unless the system has been specifically designed for that. The on and off cycling on a UV lamp that is designed to be left on at all times can cause premature failure in the lamp. The lamp will also lose six (6) hours of lamp life each time it is turned on and off.

17 How long do filters last?
Filters normally last up to six (6) months depending on the quality of the water. In areas where the water has a high amount of sediment, it is recommended that you use a double or triple system which has the Sediment (SD) Filter before the Carbon filter(s). PURA also offers the Carbon Block Filter in a ten (10) micron size that lasts longer under heavier sediment conditions.

18 Do ordinary filters kill bacteria?

No. Ordinary filters cannot kill bacteria. The bacteria will enter the filter and either pass through the filter or grow within the filter. PURA's UV system is always the very last pass after the Carbon filter to ensure that bacteria does not pass through to the drinking water.

19 Do Carbon filters breed bacteria?
Bacteria can survive within a Carbon filter, but this normally is not a problem if the filter is used continuously. If the filter stands for a long period of time, bacteria can multiply.

20 What is Bacteriostatic?
The term Bacteriostatic means the quantity of bacteria passing through the system will be static. In other words, not changing. For example: If you put 100 bacteria into the filter, you will get 100 out. The filters that are Bacteriostatic normally will have a silver content. Bacteriostatic filters do not kill bacteria, but only inhibit the growth of bacteria within the filter.


Filter Maintenance:  

Prefilter should be replaced every 3-4 months, carbons should be replaced twice a year, UV bulb once a year. Quartz sleeve should be cleaned when changing filters, replace only if damaged or cannot be cleaned.



Dimensions:  15" h x 17" w x 6" d  
Flow rate:  2 gpm 

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