• Cleans the Air in Your Car and Removes Odors
  • Gives Your Car a Healthy Environment
  • Takes up Virtually No Space: Attaches to Seat Back


The XR-100 Removes Dust, Fumes, Odors and Gases that Come from the Road, Other Vehicles and the Surrounding Environment.

Your car is one of the most polluted environments. Think about it: the automobile is a "closed" environment when your windows are rolled up. Most of the pollutants that enter through your vents, stay in the car, building in concentration the longer you are in your car.

Your car's vents are mere feet from the tail pipe of the cars in front of you. But it's not just exhaust that pollutes your car's environment. Particulates from tire wear have been shown to be a leading cause of asthma symptoms in homes and schools located near a freeway. These particulates enter your car through your vents and open windows. Since they are petroleum based, these particulates are particularly harmful to your lungs.

The XR-100 does more than just clean the air, it also removes odors. If you or someone else smokes in your car, cracking the window is not enough to keep your car from smelling like tobacco smoke. It's the same case with food odors in you car. Make sure your car is safe, fresh, and odor-free for the sake of your entire family.

The XR-100 has a strap that fits around the seat to hang from the back of the seat and takes up virtually no space.

Runs off your car’s own power.  Conveniently plugs into your vehicle’s auxiiary power outlet (cigarette lighter) so the power is there when you need it.



* Removes Odors in the Car

* Removes Tobacco Smoke Odor, Too

* Cleans the Air to Protect You From Outside Pollution

* A Must-Have for Frequent Car Travelers

* Easy to Maintain.  All That’s Needed is Periodic Filter Changes.

* Attaches Easily to the Seat-Back, Taking up Virtually No Space

ACCESSORIES (included)
• Cigarette lighter adaptor
• Car seat mounting strap




How is the XR-100 Installed?

It attaches easily to the seat-back with the included strap.  It is powered by your cigarette lighter with the adaptor (also included).

Three-Stage Filtration

Stage 1:
Activated Carbon
Captures large particulates
and odors

Stage 2: Electret charged media
Captures sub-micron particles
such as dust, pollen, cigarette
smoke, bacteria and more.

Stage 3: Zeolite V.O.C. filter
Removes gases, fumes and


WEIGHT: 2.1 lbs.
AIR FLOW (C.F.M.): 20

• Portable Air Cleaning Device
• U.L. and C.S.A. approved

Motor housing: 24 gauge steel
Filter cartridge: I.M. polystyrene

FINISH: Powder coated baked
enamel (motor/fan housing)
COLOR: Sandtext Black
INTAKE (Upper Section)
Via a removable three-stage
filter cartridge
OUTFLOW (Lower Section)
Cleaned air outflows through
perimeter grill

• Designed for continuous operation
• Run tested for 35,000 hours
• Service: 12 V D.C.
AIR CHANGE-OVERS: 10 per hour
(typical automobile)
FILTER-PACK LIFE: 4-6 months
(based on usage in North America)

ACCESSORIES (included)
• Cigarette lighter adaptor
• Car seat mounting strap

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Warranty: 1 Year

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