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Whole House Filtration

You told us you have 3 to 5 bathrooms. Be sure to get a whole house water filtration system that will accommodate your size home. The PurHome X-1000 will accommodate a large home such as yours and will provide you 10 years, or 1 million gallons of excellent filtration.


The PurHome X-1000

Other Heavy Metals
Organic Contaminants


Ideal for:

  • Homes with up to 5 baths, 5,000 square feet
  • Filters Chlorine, Chloramines, Heavy Metals, and VOCs
  • Environmentally Friendly: No Electricity Required, No Backwash


The PurHome X-1000 is a High Capacity Whole House Water Filtration System.


1 Million Gallons of Filtration What are the unsurpassed features of the PurHome X-1000? The filtration design is like no other.  We utilize the Vortech® tank that lifts the media off the bottom of the tank to maintain high flow rates.  In addition, it evenly disburses the water through the media for maximum contact time and maximum filtration.  And, because we use an upflow design, the water flows upward which also prevents the possibility of water channeling and prevents filter media from packing.




Crystal-clear, odor-free water throughout your entire home for about 25 cents per day     

Purified, healthy water for cooking, showering and drinking     

Chlorine-free water for softer hair and skin     

Clothes will be brighter with less fading     

Extends the life of water-using appliances     

Water heaters operate more efficiently     

Maintains healthy minerals     

Does not promote bacterial growth     

Provides healthy water for pets     

No Electricity     

No Backwashing (no water waste)     

Easy to install, built-in by-pass     

Low Maintenance with a washable and reusable pre-filter (can wash several times before needing to replace)    

10-year Performance Guarantee on Media     

10 Year Warranty on Components


Most other whole house systems use only carbon. Carbon is a “must” in water filtration, however, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria over time. KDF-55 inhibits bacterial growth and can increase carbon life by as much as 300%.

Chloramines in your Water? 

Most municipalities treat water with chlorine, but some cities are now beginning to use chloramines as a disinfectant. It is a combination of chlorine with ammonia. The effects of chloramines have not been widely studied yet, but it is considered no less dangerous than chlorine to your health. We now include chloramine removal media at no extra charge. Ask the competition if their system does.


Easy Installation

This whole house water filter is easy to install by a licensed plumber or a handy homeowner. Watch a brief video installation on the videos tab (on the PurHome X-1000 product page).


Compare to Other Systems



Compare the PurHome to the Competition! You’ll see why our system is the best choice in home filtration.



Inorganic Contaminants

Next, you indicated that you are concerned with certain inorganic contaminants such as fluoride, pharmaceuticals or other inorganic contaminants in your water. These contaminants are not removed by most whole house water filtration systems. We strongly recommend adding a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter.hydrotech-push-button-monitored-system-627.jpg


To remove these stubborn inorganics such as Fluoride and Pharmaceuticals you need a nano type of filtration. For “super purified” water — removing virtually every organic and inorganic contaminant, we recommend our Hydrotech Push Button monitoring reverse osmosis system under your kitchen sink. This is commonly paired when using a whole house specialized treatment system.


This will be installed under your kitchen sink in most cases. Ask us about alternative setups.


You may wish to tee off the Reverses Osmosis system to have filtered water for your refrigerator and/or icemaker.



To recap, here is what we recommend to correct your water issues:

1) PurHome X 1000 Hi Capacity Whole House Water Filter 

2) Reverse Osmosis for super-purified drinking water


OPTIONS (in checkout above):

– 1st, choose whether or not you want to add additional pre-filters for the PurHome X-5

– 2nd, choose whether you would like an upgraded faucet for your reverse osmosis drinking water filter


Still need help?  We can test your water for free.



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