UV Water Filters

If you have water with bacteria, viruses, taste or odor issues, then a UV water filtration system is a great choice for you. It is ideal for well water, lake water, or even city water if contamination is a concern. The UV light works light just like natural sunlight to kill the microorganisms in the water. Our Pura UVB-3 system incorporate a one-and-only design with built in sediment, carbon and UV light filtration built into one unit. This takes up less space, is highly effective for purifying water and is easy to install and maintain.

PURA UVB Under Sink Purifier

MSRP: $504.00 $399.00


Purity CT-UV Countertop Purifier

MSRP: $289.00 $219.00


PURA UVB 2 UV Under Sink Water Filter

MSRP: $628.00 $469.00


PURA UVB 3 UV Under Sink Purifier

MSRP: $731.00 $549.00