Well Chlorination System

Well chlorination is a must when dealing with some stubbon well water issues. Most common being the presence of bacteria including eColi and Coliform. However ultraviolet treatment systems have gained in popluarity over the years. Ultralivolet treatment systems are much more user friendly with less maintenance. We have several ultraviolet treatment systems to choose from. Here is a link to these options – %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/pura-uv-ultraviolet

Do you have Sulfur Bacteria?

The signs of Sulfur Bacteria are having a strong rotten egg smell on the predominately the hot water side and having a slimy black film anywhere the water sits around for a long period of time (the back of the toilet bowel) for an example. Another example of Sulfur Bacteria presence would be having a particulate/sediment filter in place and that filter element contaiming a black slimy film. 

To keep Sulfur Bacteria under control you need continuous chlorination combined with twenty minutes of concentrated contact time. Therefore you will need to add an 80 gallon retention tank in-line after the Chlroine pump. Both the pump and the retention tank will need to be installed prior to your current pressure/holding tank. Following is our chlorination pump and rentention tank.

If you are considering chlorination for other well water related issues please contact us for a specialized treatment recommendation. We have Certified Water Specialists on hand to assist you. You can reach us by phone at 702-749-5308 or complete a well water recommendation request form by clicking on this link – %%GLOBAL_ShopPath%%/well-water-recommendation.


Chem-Tech Well Chlorination System

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