Total Water Filtration System TWFS


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Product Description

Total Home Water Filtration System (TWFS) is designed for City Treated Water


  • A Home Water Filtration System and Home Water Conditioner All-in-One
  • Maintenance-Free; NSF Certified Materials
  • Order Now and Get THREE $99 Carbon Filters Absolutely Free!
  • Home Water Conditioner Removes Chlorine, Heavy Metals, and VOC’s


The Total Water Filtration System (TWFS) Series is one of the best home water filtration systems on the market today.  The TWFS from PuriTeam combines the long lasting and reliable filtration of KDF55, with the patented ForeverSoft Solution home water conditioner.

There is no electricity needed, no backwashing or water waste, and no routine filter maintenance. The KDF55 is an NSF Certified media inside the main tank that substantially reduces chlorine, heavy metals and also inhibits the growth of bacteria. KDF55 has roughly 10 times the life of carbon for chlorine removal giving an exceptional long filtration life. The upflow design prevents water channeling for maximum filtration.

The water also passes through the PuriTeam ForeverSoft Solution (also referred to as RWE) Hard Water Conditioner. This patented home water conditioner controls the formation of scale and corrosion deposits without the use of chemicals and gives the water softer properties. It helps create a better rinsing and sudsing effect. Several are installed in a row onto the distributor tube inside the main filter tank for maximum contact time and effectiveness. An additional RWE Conditioner is included for after the water tank.

The pre-filter is a 5 micron, washable filter to filter sediments and other suspended matter from your water, making your water crystal-clear.

The final stage of the Total Water Filtration System is carbon block filtration which filters bad tastes, odors, VOC’s and SOC’s including pesticides, herbicides, MTBE and hazardous chlorine by-products like THM’s. We include 3 FREE carbon blocks with your order.  You won’t need to purchase a carbon block filter for 6-8 Years!

If your water utitility uses chloramine to disinfect, please ask about a special chloramine filtering cartridge.


How to choose your size system:

TWFS-9C: Homes up to 2.5 Baths and up to 4 people
TWFS-10C: Homes up to 4 Baths and up to 5 people
TWFS-12C: Homes up to 5 Baths and up to 6 people



* Crystal-clear, great-tasting water

* Purified, healthy water for cooking and drinking
* Chlorine-free water for softer hair and skin

* Filters Lead and VOC’s
* No slippery feel as with salt-based water softeners
* High flow rates ensure no pressure loss
* No Chemicals or Salt to Add
* No Polluting Chemicals to Drain
* Reduces Harmful Effects of Hard Water Scale

* Clothes look brighter with less fading
* Extends the life of water-using appliances
* Reduces water heater costs
* Maintains healthy minerals
* Inhibits bacteria growth
* Provides clean healthy water for pets
* No Electricity
* No Backwashing (no water waste)
* Easy to install
* Low Maintenance
* 10-year Performance Guarantee
* 10 Year Warranty on Components



Question: What does the unit do?

a. This is one of the most unique home water filtration systems on the market today. It prevents the formation of hard water scale in water heaters & pipes for water up to 20 gpg of hardness.
It will stop the formation of hard water scale on shower doors & fixtures.
It will prevent hard water “bathtub ring” and allow the use of less soap and detergent.
It reduces chlorine, chlorine by-products and VOC’s improve quality, taste and odor.
Controls the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.
Heavy metals such as lead are significantly reduced.

Question: This sounds like a combination water softener and carbon filter. Is this true?

It is very similar, but provides a much longer life and has no maintenance.  It does NOT remove minerals from the water, but lessens their impact your fixtures, appliances, hot water heater and more.

Question: What are some of its features?

First, it is all done in one space saving tank that measures under 55″ high and only takes up a circle of one-foot diameter on the floor. Second, there are no regeneration chemicals like salt used at all.

Question: What are the maintenance requirements?
Clean the washable sediment (pre-filter) every 4-6 months and replace after 12-14 months.  The carbon block (post-filter) should be changed every 18 months to 2 years and 3 filters are included with your water system, giving you 6-8 years before you need to purchase a new carbon block.   See specifications page for how long media in main tank will last. It is a minimum of ten years.

Question: Does a regular softener use a lot of salt?
It depends on the hardness of the water and also the number of people in the home. Based on the averages the savings would be over 700 pounds of salt a year. That’s $75-$100 a year or almost a $1,000 over the 10 year life of a softener. Not to mention the back-breaking job of lugging and pouring all of that salt.

Question: Are there other advantages?

Yes, A big one is that this unit NEVER regenerates so there is never water discharged down the drain. The unit has no valve mechanism and thus no need for electricity. With no valve there are no moving parts so service is eliminated.

Question: Do regular water softeners waste a lot of water?
Again it depends on the water hardness, softener design, and the family size. But the average would waste about 10,000 gallons a year.

Question: It sounds like this unit is very friendly to the environment. Is this true?

Yes it is.  Also in many parts of the US there is legislation pending to stop the discharge of the salt into municipal sewers. You can imagine the problems that would be caused by hundreds or thousands of softeners in a single city.

Question: How does the hard water conditioner work?

The scale prevention process is quite easy. We use a patented magnetic RWE Conditioner to affect the calcium (hardness) of the water from a dissolved material to sub microscopic particles that wash through the plumbing system without being able to adhere themselves to the pipes or heaters. In this form they will not react with soaps or detergents either. We use several RWE Conditioner rings in a row inside the tank as well as an additional set for after the water heater.

Question: Will the TWFS reduce hard water spots?

Yes, but it will not completely remove them (neither will a traditional salt softener). When water dries, it may leave a trace residue of the softened Calcium. Simply take a damp cloth and wipe to a shine, no need to scrub as with traditional hard water spots.

Question: What about the chlorine and other contaminant removal?

The material we employ (KDF55) uses a process that turns the chlorine to harmless zinc chloride.

Question: Will the water test soft?

No. A test for hardness in actuality is a test for the presence of “hard” minerals. Remember that the Calcium and Magnesium remain in the water but in an altered form without the properties of hard minerals.

Question: I thought all equipment had to have a valve. Why not yours?

Because we have a constant upward flow path that keeps the filter media always moving and not packing down and collecting dirt.

Question: Can this unit be used on all water supplies?

NO, but we estimate that 90% of all municipal water supplies can be treated with very good results. This is not recommended for use on a private well or for water that is very hard and 20 gpg or more.

Question: Am I correct in summarizing by saying that this unit uses no chemicals, has no valve, has no moving parts uses no electricity, discharges no water down the drain, will prevent the problems of hard water and will stop chlorine taste & odor for 10 years or More?


Question: Is there anything special about the water from this unit compared to water that has gone through a salt using softener?

Yes. First, there will not be the slippery feel on your skin when you shower or bathe. This feel comes from the sodium reacting with your body oils. Secondly, we add nothing to the water such as sodium mentioned previously. This could be important to someone on an extremely low sodium diet.

Question: Does the water affect plants in any way?

There is an unusual phenomenon that takes place. The surface tension of the water is reduced. This is often referred to as making the water “wetter”.  It simply means that the water can penetrate a plant more effectively and deeper so that the plants are more hardy and grow better. With a standard salt type softener, that water is actually harmful to plants.

Question: Is this a brand new technology, or has there been some experience in actual use?
This patented hard-water conditioning process has been in use since 1964. We are one of the very first companies to combine this with long lasting KDF filtration.

Q: Will the TWFS remove Fluoride?

A: No, the TWFS is not designed to remove Fluoride; however the KDF55 media used in this system has shown a reduction of about 60% however that is not high enough to make removal claims. To completely remove the Fluoride we recommend a nano type of filtration. Fluoride is not harmful when bathing and therefore removing it from the drinking only is the most popular method of treatment. For “super purified” water removing virtually every organic and inorganic contaminant including the Fluoride, we recommend our Hydrotech Push Button monitoring reverse osmosis system under your kitchen sink. This is commonly paired when using a whole house specialized treatment system. We use a high quality one-piece manifold system and it comes with a water quality monitor. You will find information at this link:   


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Great system

Posted by Gailynn Valdes on November 11, 2017

This system produces great water. Showers, washer, coffee — I really notice how clean our water is now.