Why the PurHome X-1000 From PuriTeam.com?

You’ve decided to research whole house water filtration systems. So, why choose the PurHome X-1000 from PuriTeam.com? Simple… You want clean healthy water throughout your entire house. You want peace of mind. You want low maintenance. You want a planet-friendly system. You want cost effectiveness. Quite simply, you want the best for your family, now and in the years to come. As you do your research, you’ll clearly see the PurHome X-1000 stands head and shoulders above the competition.

You’ll have peace of mind, knowing you’re removing unhealthy contaminants from not only your drinking and bathing water, but from all your water at every spigot. The thought of not changing your filter media for a full 10 years is quite an appealing attribute. And it doesn’t waste water or consume electricity with those all too frequent backwash cycles. And your budget will certainly appreciate its total cost of ownership (TCO)

Now, why is the PurHome X-1000 the best for your family?

Maybe it’s the 6 stages of filtration compared to only 2 to 5 with the others. Or it is the 1 million gallon media filtration capacity measured against the competition’s 5 to 7 hundred thousand gallons. How about the water flow? Or could it be the 10 year media life warranty and the initial cost of purchase? Or maybe you just want to remove or reduce the most harmful contaminants. Or is it all the certified components? It could be that it requires no electricity and does not need to backwash. Or is it the low TCO? Clearly, the PurHome X-1000 from PuriTeam.com is all of the above.

With its 6 stages of filtration, it will remove or reduce chlorine, chloramines, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), synthetic organic compounds (SOCs), lead and other heavy metals. The washable, reusable sediment filter removes fine particulate down to a mere 5 microns. (A human hair is 100-200 microns in width.) Then inside the main tank are 5 more stages: garnet which further reduces sediment and acts as a media support bed for an even, up-flow water dispersal; KDF®-55 helps remove chlorine, lead and other metals but also is bacteriostatic (meaning it prevents the growth of bacteria, which is important in a tank of water); then is the bituminous carbon to filter more chlorine and the lighter VOCs; coconut shell carbon to help remove the heavier VOCs; and finally the catalytic carbon to remove chloramines and chlorine by-products such as THMs and HAA5s. (Many of the PurHome X-1000’s top competitors don’t address chloramines or charges extra to reduce them.)

It’s also good to know that so many of the components, including the KDF®-55 and all the carbon media are recognized and certified by bodies such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Water Quality Association (WQA) and Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

You change the main tank media less frequently because of its 1 million gallon filtration life. With the PurHome X-1000, you’re good for a full 10 years. And the pre-filter is washable so you don’t have to replace it as often.

The PurHome X-1000 requires no electricity to operate. Other than a couple of manual valves (which are set and then left in place for operation) it has no moving parts. Because of its unique up-flow design there is no need to backwash the main tank media. This means there are no complicated programmable controllers and no water waste.

At 12 to 15 gallons per minute (gpm) of water flow, it beats most of its competitors. It sure is nice to have constant water pressure in the shower when the dish washer turns on or someone flushes the powder room toilet. It’s also nice to maintain that flow even when the house is full with holiday guests.

PuriTeam.com stands behind their X-1000 offering a warranty of 10 years. The others have as little as 1 year and up to 5 years of warranty protection, with only one competitor matching the 10 years.

It sure is easy to see who the PurHome X-1000 is the THE whole house water filter of choice.