PurHome Whole House Water Filtration Systems Reviews

Actual customer reviews of the PurHome X-1000 by PuriTeam from some of our 18,000+ customers:

A satisfied customer of the PuriTeam x-1000.

Posted by Robert on 10th Jul 2013

Purchased the PurHome X-1000 Hi Capacity Whole House Water Filter mid-2012 and am a satisfied customer. It has made a big change in the quality of our city water coming into the house. Not wasting water due to no back flushing is a great plus. I would highly recommend the X-1000 from PuriTeam. After several phone calls to PuriTeam and was well pleased with the help they provided, I got a friend of mine who was retired from doing plumbing to help me install the X-1000. Have enjoyed the taste of the water ever since. It was well worth the investment.

Wonderful Water At Last!

Posted by Scott on 2nd Jul 2013

I’ve had the filter for three years now. It was installed by a contractor so I can’t speak to the installation process. But it is a joy to have the taste and smell of the chlorine or chloramine out of the water, not to mention the bad stuff that I couldn’t taste. Also, before I chose this product I called the company and the customer service was top notch.

What an improvement

Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jul 2013

After installation our water is now drinkable. We have city water and moving from a house with well water we could not stand the taste of the chlorinated water. Within days after having the sytem installed we are now enjoying the tap water for everything. Even shower feel better.

Self Installed

Posted by Unknown on 28th Jun 2013

We installed it ourselves. Any questions we had we answered by the qualified staff when we called. My shower is so much nicer and no chlorine gas when I get water from the tap!

The X 1000 is #1

Posted by Anna on 25th Jun 2013

our water is great tasting since we installed the PurHome X 1000, makes a big difference in the bath water also. now we don’t smell all the chemicals.


Posted by Tina myers on 24th Jun 2013

When i bought and remodeled my new home, i knew my fridge would not have the filtered water dispenser i have used for years. i was looking at under sink products and came across the x1000. i also was having two ice makers and plumbed in coffee maker installed. WOW, My ice,water and coffee taste great and my skin is not dry and scaly like it used to be before I got the whole house system. Would def recommend.

Best Filtering System – Best Cost – Best Customer Service

Posted by Ronald C. on 24th Jun 2013

I saw the PurHome water filter system on T.V. a show call Homes. I did some looking around checking into other system and everything the show said about the PurHome X 1000 Hi Capacity Whole House Water Filter was and is ture, They have Best Filtering System – Best Cost – Best Customer Service.

Great product!

Posted by Mitch-SW Florida on 24th Jun 2013

We installed the unit in an afternoon following the simple instructions. After soaking and flushing we turned it on and haven;t had to do a thing to it since. Water tastes great and it is working fine.

Well Worth it! We aren’t supposed to be ingesting Chlorine…

Posted by Gary (NJ) on 24th Jun 2013

(I wanted to give this about 2-3 months of use before writing a review)

* Well packaged for Shipping.
* Written instructions were great.
* Installation by professional plumber was uneventful! (i.e good!)
* We installed with 3-way shut-off.
* Chlorine is now virtually zero (I measured .01 ppm(?) on a tester I bought)
* PH is slightly alkaline (Good!) for water directly out of the tap.
* Water feels & tastes better – my son has stopped itching after every shower.
* 5 levels of filtration is great!
* Generally, I’m very happy with it.

* I’m not sure why you would consider PVC piping – per instructions – for drinking water? NJ code is copper, anyway.
* Instruction Video on youtube needs a little updating?
* only had 1 minor glitch (no funnel included with product), but had 1 handy anyhow.
* 1 call to support was great help!

* Use a good breathing mask when pouring carbon material!!

Orange Water Becomes Clear

Posted by Tim Arendt on 24th Jun 2013

I purchased the X1000 about 2 years ago to help increase our water quality. Even though our vacation home is served by a municipal Lake Michigan system our water was deep orange. After installing the X1000 we enjoy crystal clear water. I change the pre-filter every 6 months and all of the orange sediment stays there. Thanks PuriTeam.

I’ve used your products over 5 years!

Posted by Gary-CA on 22nd Oct 2012

I usually order by telephone. Always helpful and courteous. I’ve used your products for over 5+ years. Never a problem.

OMG I love it

Posted by Unknown on 6th Apr 2012

Its really awesome

Odor-free water

Posted by John F. on 29th Dec 2011

We have city water that always tasted good and met the government standards for safety. Periodically we did notice a strong Chlorine like smell however. Knowing that Chlorine plays havoc with skin and hair, my wife and I decided to purchase this system. I installed the PurHome X 1000 Hi Capacity Whole House Water Filter little over a month ago and have definitely noticed total elimination of all odor. With plumbing experience, installation was straight-forward and the components seem to be well made of high quality materials. Most importantly, the water is crystal clear and seems to be helping my dry skin and my wife’s hair.

Pure water…no hassle

Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jun 2011

Since installing the system several months ago I have been drinking more water and with the knowledge that it is pure and free of harmful chemicals. The drinking water taste better and negates the purchase of buying and dragging water bottles home.

One of the best improvements I have made for my home since purchasing my home three years ago. I Would recommend this product to anyone who is concerned about the quality of their drinking water and want a better alternate to buying bottled water.

Ciro D.
West Grove, PA

Finally, good coffee

Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jun 2011

We installed the X-1000 several month ago after rave reviews from several neighbors. Looking at the prefilter after 3 months of use we were amazed at of the amount of grit and silt that was in our water supply leading us to believe that there must be other “things” in our water that we wanted to avoid.

Our water tastes better, the coffee tastes better and the ice cubes are Crystal clear. We highly recommend the X-1000 and only wish we had installed it sooner.

Frank & Karen H.
West Grove, PA

Complete water security

Posted by Irish Farms on 17th Jun 2011

Our “city water” comes from a large lake and is thoroughly treated before it gets to us. The chlorine was very hard on my husband’s dry skin. It is a blessing to have pure, clean water from every tap, his skin problems have disappeared, and I have wonderful water to use in my greenhouse too. The taste and clarity is wonderful! No more bottled water for us!