Every day, U.S. residents go through almost 346 million gallons of fresh water, and the vast majority of us take that water completely for granted. Not only do most of us forget how truly blessed we are to have 24/7 access to clean, safe drinking water, but it’s easy to forget that without water, life would not exist at all. Even in the 21st century, science has yet to fully explain the many miraculous properties of H20.

Of course, if you discover arsenic in your water supply, then you suddenly become incredibly grateful for modern water filtration systems. The vast majority of U.S. citizens, about 268 million, draw from a public water system. But for the 48 million Americans who rely on private well water, arsenic removal systems can ensure the safety of their drinking water.

Arsenic is a widely known poison and carcinogen, and this inorganic contaminant is dangerous to humans even in minuscule quantities, causing nervous system damage, rashes, and increased risk of tumors. Arsenic occurs naturally in certain kinds of bedrock, but pollution can also contaminate groundwater supplies as well. Fortunately, an arsenic removal system can ensure that homeowners have clean, safe drinking water again.

I’ve Found Arsenic In My Water, Now What?
So how can you remove arsenic from drinking water so that it’s safe to drink and bathe in again? Simple; it’s never been easier to find affordable arsenic removal systems online. Do-It-Yourselfers can install them as part of their home’s well water filtration systems, or contractors can help get the system up and running ASAP.

Perhaps the most popular arsenic removal systems used in homes today utilize an absorbent resin known as ASM-10-HP, which selectively absorbs arsenic from water to restore safe levels. This absorbent resin removes what water purification experts call arsenic +5, but some homes might also test positive for arsenic +3.

If arsenic +3 is found in your water, then in addition to your new arsenic removal system, you may also need to install a water aeration system. This will convert arsenic +3 into a form that can be safely absorbed out of your water.

Although an arsenic removal system can restore the quality of your well water, there are several important things to remember:

  • Arsenic removal systems can last from one to three years, but they will need to be replaced eventually
  • Even after installing an arsenic removal system, you should continue to test and monitor your water supply
  • Most arsenic removal systems ONLY filter for arsenic. Additional well water filter systems will still be necessary to remove other contaminants

Although it might sound scary to discover arsenic in your drinking water, modern technology has provided incredible advances in home water purifiers and filters.

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