I just wanted to reach out and say thank you! This aeration system works great! No more sulfur smell in my well water and more importantly, no one in my house is complaining about the water anymore! The install was easy and you guys helped me save a ton of money by doing it myself.

Thanks again! Carmine G.

We purchased our X5 system in 2014. We reside in Davis, California. Davis is known for having hard water. Most home owners have water softener systems. We chose to not buy a water softening system when we purchased our puriteam system, because we wanted to try one system at a time. We read about the X5 and noticed that since it is not a water softening system, it could not be endorsed or marketed as such. Once we installed our system we noticed dramatic results in hard water. On a monthly basis we would have calcium build up on all of our plumbing fixtures. This required removal which was time consuming. we have not had to remove hardwater deposit (calcium buildup) from our fixtures since installation. More notably we own a water distiller for medical purposes. The water distiller would collect inches of thick calcium buildup, requiring us to complete a labor intensive removal process, every few months. We are so excited that since installing our puriteam system, we do not have to undergo this process. The distiller is remaining clean and calcium free. So while this is not a water softening system, it has accomplished this task as well, and we no longer consider the need for a separate water softening unit.

– Casey F., Davis, CA

We had a local company come out and test our water and then try to sell us a system for over $3,000!! Our main concern was the chlorine and other contaminants that might be in the water like pesticides and jet fuel. We live in a area where there are cranberry bogs and also near an air force base. We purchased an air purifier a couple of years ago and really like it so we decided to see what they had for water filtration. Boy are we glad we did! We purchased the PurHome X-51 whole house water filter and received it in 3 days. Our plumber installed it in a little over an hour and he was so impressed with it, he bought one for himself! Our water smells clean, tastes fresh and feels great. Thanks for not only having great products, but for being a great company.

– Priscilla & Bob E., Falmouth, MA

We are very pleased with our TWS10C whole-house water filter system. We appreciate knowing that our water is clean, with contaminants greatly reduced or eliminated. As a family we really enjoy knowing that all of our drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing water is triple-filtered at all times. Additionally, the fact that the system requires no electricity, no drainage lines, and should require virtually no maintenance for decades is a great bonus. We cannot say enough about the quality of their customer service. Every question and concern was answered promptly and completely which helped make the decision to purchase very easy. Thank you to PuriTec [now PuriTeam] for an excellent product and outstanding customer support!

– A. DeGennaro, NY

After my well was drilled for our new house in New Hampshire and I saw the color of the water was between orange and dull red, I was afraid that the water may not even be treatable. My water was professionally analyzed and the results were sent to your technicians. They told me what needed to be done to treat the water and how much it would cost. After the installation, I was amazed with the results. The water was clean, and it tasted like spring water. When considering that the odor of pungent iron was so strong coming from the well before treatment, that when I spayed it on the ground, I could smell it at the other end of my two acre lot, that is pretty remarkable. Even more remarkable is that the installation has been in place for 16 months now, I’ve done no maintenance to it, and the water is still crystal clear and still tastes like spring water. When I was considering a water treatment system for our new house, I didn’t want a system that used Chlorine and Salt. People that I’ve known over the years, that have used Chlorine and Salt, are constantly maintaining their system, the water never seems to taste good and their utilities such as sinks, toilets, dishwashers, etc., become unsightly from mineral build-up and iron stains. I’m happy to say that although this was one of my greatest fears initially, we have nothing to report except fresh clean water that we enjoy drinking right out of our tap. I want to thank your company for developing such a great product.

– Michael La Riviere, NH

The MC Series system was installed in a small old house (1937) that’s located on the top a mountain in North West New Jersey. Hamburg Mountain as its called is one big iron and magnesium deposit. All the homes in the area are private wells and all must do something to clear the water of Iron (rust) in the water. Magnesium and lead are also common elements found in the water in unacceptable amounts. Most homes use salts and potassium permanganate to handle the problem. From my experience, these are temperamental systems, and need constant maintenance. I have this type of system in a second house on the same mountain. I have to admit that I was apprehensive about buying a system on line and from Vegas no less. To make matters worse, the local Plumbing supply house had nothing to sell that works like your system, nor did they know any thing about this type of system. We are not in the boon docks, we are 55 miles from Time Square. Your sales rep. was very reassuring and very professional so I bought the system he recommended. The installation was simple and straight forward. Your instructions were simple to follow. But I will say in hind sight, read all the instructions first. The bottom line is that this system is simple on maintenance and it works. When I turned on the water and it was so clear and no smell, I was amazed. How does it work, I don’t know, but it works. I will be installing the same system in our second house. The plumbing was done by my nephew John Budge, who takes great bride in his work. Thank You.

– Frank L., NJ

I wanted to let you know that we are loving our whole house water filter. Our water tastes wonderful! There’s no more running to the little filter at the kitchen sink, which always seemed to need replacing, and which worked poorly after a while anyway. Also, we can shower without the awful smell and skin-irritating problems of our heavily-chlorinated city water. You have a great product and we’re so glad we purchased it

– A. Low, Georgia

The unit is maintenance free and works like a charm. We have had no break through sulfur smell or iron problems. I am glad we decided to go with the unit and I can’t say enough good things about the customer service we received. I would definitely recommend this unit to my friends.

– Malinda B.- Bryceville, FL

I am so happy with my purchase of a PuriTeam Air Cleaner. I used to get headaches all the time that just would not go away. When I turned on my air cleaner for the first time, my headache was gone in less than an hour and was gone for good.

– Sue V. – Harvest, AL

[Puriteam] was a great find for me. Not only did I find a water filter & purification system that was right for our situation, but the convenience of ordering replacement filters on line is great. I simply order ahead and always have replacement filters on hand.

– D. Michaelis, Comfort Institute

I got 3 filters for my home couple of years ago and it has been a big change in my health and at my home. I got one filter for my shower, one air filter for my house and a filter for the kitchen faucet. The air at home is clean, less dust and there is no much difference on my electrical bill, the water is odorless and spring clear. I truly recommend these products.

– R. Zepeda, CA

We purchased a whole house filter and softener system and an under the counter reverse osmosis system and had our plumber install everything. We are so pleased with the products! I had researched all types of companies and products (like I usually do!) and [Puriteam] was by far the best. Customer service is also top notch and this is so important in earning consumer trust. Thanks to everyone at [Puriteam]!

– Pam C., New Mexico

We live in an area that has filtered lake water. It’s okay, but not the best-tasting. After careful research, we chose the 3-stage whole house purification system (whatever its official name is) – and installed it ourselves. In the process of installation, we called [them] with questions, and each time, the questions were answered thoroughly and cheerfully, regardless of how mundane the question was. Since then, we have enjoyed great-tasting water, the knowledge that we’re showering in chlorine-free water, and cooking and washing with the purest water possible. When we change the filters, it’s clearly evident that they are keeping out some yucky stuff from our house water. The system is also extremely cost-effective. The thought of buying, lugging, and disposing of gallon water bottles from the grocery store just doesn’t even measure up to the ease of changing filters as needed. I could go on and on – but to sum things up, it’s easy installation, easy use, and best of all, protecting the water throughout the house. We’ve had the system for at least 3 or more years.

– L. Sodders, New York

…After some research I found [Puriteam] filters and read the excellent reviews. I ordered a whole house filter and installed it without problems. What great results!! We now have excellent drinking water that really tastes good.

– Wayne A, Ontario CA

We have had a [puriteam] filter for our kitchen for over 4 years. We love it. It has outperformed every other filtering systems we have tried. … We are so thrilled with our [puriteam] filter. Life is better with [puriteam], and that’s a fact.

– Robert & Barbara G., Arizona

I purchased my first [puriteam] countertop system about 8 years ago and continue to know that i’ve invested my money in the most responsible and healthy way possible. Clean water is important to me because I live in Los Angeles where the tap water is poor. Now, not only is my drinking water incredibly clean and tasty, but I’m saving TONS of money and helping the environment. I’m saving money because I no longer buy bottled water and I’m saving the environment because I’ve stopped buying and using all of those plastic bottles. It’s a win-win situation!

– D. Koff, California

I am very pleased with my whole house water filter system. Now I get fresh clean water throughout the house. No worry about someone cooking with tap water or serving it to drink. It’s made life easier and it saves money over time.

– J. Mustin, Virginia

I recently installed the PURHOME X-1000 high flow whole house water purifier in my house. The filter system is a high quality product and I am quite pleased with the improved quality of my water. From ordering, to installation of the system, [Puriteam] provided outstanding customer service and all the representatives I spoke with were friendly, professional, and helpful. My original shipment was missing some of the filtration media required to install the system. They sent the missing item to me in a very timely fashion and handled the situation in an extremely professional and helpful manner. I have done my homework and I can assure you that [Puriteam] offers a great product, at a great price, and provides impeccable customer service.

– D. Satchell, Pennsylvania

I must say, you really live up to your customer service promise “If something isn’t right, we’ll make right.”

– Dr. Michael K., Michigan

I want to thank you for your wonderful product line as well as your fabulous customer service. I have been using my shower filter for over a year now and would not be without it. My hair and skin thank you and have never felt better. Its amazing the difference it makes! Much thanks and keep up the great work!

– Rachel L., California

I have been purchasing all the supplies/parts for my whole house water filter system from [Puriteam] since 2004. They are always helpful and have the best prices. They will match prices if you find the same product for less, but you need to make sure you compare pricing on the exact same products. If you don’t, you may not receive the same quality product from someone else. My orders have always been processed quickly. One time the factory shipped an incorrect part – the correct one was shipped immediately after my call. I trust this company to always take good care of my needs and I remain a happy customer.

– L. Redding, Washington

I have used various products from [Puriteam] over the past 6 years now. I have had 2 separate water filter systems (a BB20 and a WHX-51). I have moved the WHX-51 to a second house as well. Over this time, I have been very pleased with the quality and service from [Puriteam], from sales to customer service to technicians. We are also pleased with the results. One thing I immediately notice when I travel is the taste and smell of the water. I will continue to purchase [Puriteam] products in the future.

– E. Mahoney, Montana

The Puritec UV20 water filter system was installed when we bought this house. … I would recommend this system to everyone.

– Elizabeth W., North Carolina

Filter was very easy to install, no problems. Water taste great, not a chlorine taste as in the tap.

– B. Christiano, New Jersey

I have been a [Puriteam] customer for a number of years. They have great, personable customer service. [They are] always available to answer my questions, help me to figure out which filter replacements I need, and gives me competitive pricing. I use the dual countertop purifier and one for the refrigerator which is easy to install. A Satisfied Repeat Customer!

– S. Fisher, Illinois

We have been very pleased with the whole house system we bought about 4 years ago. We had the water tested recently by a lab and the filters are removing the microbes, sediment, chlorine and metals as advertised. Thanks for a fine product.

– R. Harris, Hawaii

Just wanted to say thanks for the water filter and the excellent service! I purchased the Purity PT-12 several years ago and it has performed exactly as advertised. Before, I was buying bottled water because my tap water tastes like a combination of dirt and chlorine, but after installing the PT-12, the problem was solved. It has a great flow rate and the filter lasts a few years. Now my tap water tastes clean and fresh, and replacement filters are only a few “clicks” away. Thanks Puritec!

– Michael G., Texas

I live in a very rural area by a spring fed lake. I pump water from this lake to the house and barn, going through a [Puriteam] filter system. I am completely happy with the water quality and the service that I have recieved from [Puriteam]. Keep up the good work!

– Chris M., Texas

I have been using your sink top chrome Purity Filter since last May and I can’t even express how much it has made life easier. The water tastes great out of the tap! In the past, I would have to buy gallons of water at the store, lug them into the house, find a place to store them and then feel bad about discarding them. I recycled them, but there are far too many water bottles out there in my opinion. At first I didn’t like the idea of spending around $130 on water, but I am sure I’ve saved so much more in money, time and effort over the last 9 months. I live in a city where water filtered from the tap in the Britta system still tastes bad, so that was never an option. Your filter just attaches to the sink, so I can wash my vegetables easily with the purified water in addition to filling up my glass drinking bottles. I cook with the purified water and make tea from it, something that I couldn’t have afforded to do with plastic bottles. My food tastes better and I feel good knowing that I am drinking healthier water that hasn’t been stripped of important minerals like the bottled variety.

– L. Corcetti, Arizona

I love our [PuriTeam] system!!! We are in our middle and late 70s and cannot carry the salt or go up and down the stairs and the [PuriTeam] system is simply wonderful. We can count on excellent water at all times. A system that works with very little maintenance.

– Joan, Pennsylvania

Hello, just a short note to mention how happy I have been with your product. I purchased an under sink model UCD-12c and it has performed wonderfully. When I ordered replacement filters, one was damaged and your representative handled it professionally and the new one arrived within 2 days. You can’t ask for better service than that. If you’re looking for quality products at very competitive prices, look no further.

– Greg W, Pennsylvania

After using bulky, messy, hard to open-under the counter water filters I researched [Puriteam] filters. Installation is easy, the filters are long lasting and they are the best for taking out odors and unpleasant tastes, that I have used. I called asking a question and the service was prompt and friendly. One filter is for drinking water (UC-12) and the other is in-line to the refrigerator.

– Mary H., Florida

Richie and I really like our whole house system. We bought it last year, about this time, and it was installed around July. We love no more chlorine smell, no more ugly other smells, no more rust or blue streaks, less spotting of dried water, the skin feels better and the water tastes great!

– M. Spinler, California

I have had my top of the counter filter for about 2 years now. First of all I found it very easy to install. It’s a space saver and most of all its high faucet makes it convenient for me to fill up a pot of water while resting it on the counter.

– Belinda W., New York

A coworker turned me on to [Puriteam] for our water filtering needs at our new home. We have found [them] to be very knowledgeable about their products and they have helped us understand the technologies available to us. We are very pleased with our filtering system, the customer service and availability of supplies.

– Brian R., Washington

I’ve been using my [Puriteam] counter top water filter for six years. The filter produces very tasty water.

– David M., Illinois

When we moved into our new home we wanted to buy a quality filter for our refrigerator that would do more than remove the bad taste that is sometimes found in water. In searching the internet I discovered [PuriTeam] filters which did much more than I ever imagined. I wanted a filter that removed cryptosporidium and giardia that have been found in some city water supplies. It does that and to my surprise, much more. The filter also removes heavy metals , benzene and pesticides. It is also very easy to install. I hit the jackpot. We are extremely pleased with the performance of the filters.

– L. Stellfox, Florida

I have used [Puriteam] products for years. I order on line and the service, delivery and price are always excellent. I would highly recommend [Puriteam] products.

– James O., New York

For years, I used a top-of-the-counter, canister type water filter. A year and a half ago, I bought a Purity UC-12, under the counter filter, and I love it. No more changing filters every year, no more leaky faucet attachments. The [Puriteam] is easy, inexpensive, and the filters last 3 times as long as the canister type I used to have. Thanks, [Puriteam]!

– L. Anderson, Ithaca, NY

I added a [Puriteam] WH-100 to my home water system after the city increased the amount of chlorine they were adding to the municipal water supply. This filter system eliminated all taste and odors from the tap water, so much so that after a while I thought the city might have eased back on the addition of chlorine. After smelling/tasting the water at a friends house, I realized the water was still heavily chlorinated, but my WH-100 had removed such a large percentage of it that it was no longer perceptible – no taste, no odor – just like fresh water should be. The rust and sediment the pre-filter removes from the water is also visibly evident. A great product!

– Gene G., Spokane, Washington

The phone is answered right away and the gals that help me are always so polite…..that makes doing business a pleasure. Thank you.

– Fred K.

I have had a very positive experience with [PuriTeam] filters. The quality is consistently good, the price fair, and the customer service is excellent. I would recommend this vendor to anyone who uses filters.

– Paul L., Oregon

I own a Purity UC-12 water filter. It has been 4 months now since I bought it and it still gives the same amount of water flow since the day I installed it. In contrast, I used to have a GE SmartWater filter rated for 6 months but in reality only lasts 3 months or less. Its replacement filter costs about $35 so I’m spending about $140 a year. This Purity UC-12 is rated to last for 3 years and replacement filter cost less than $60. Water from this filter tastes fresh and clean I would say better than bottled water. This is a wonderful product and it saves me a lot of money over other brands.

– C. Luna, New York

I have a whole house filter with a pre-filter. These work great. No chlorine smell from any water tap. I change the pre-filter every 3 months and you really appreciate why you filter city water when you see the junk in the old filter. [Puriteam] has been great with support, send the orders for the new filters on time and accurately. Other then changing the filter or the carbon/KDF bed in the filter, I never touch the thing. Everybody should use one. Especially restaurants. I hate the chlorine flavored water they always put on the table. The filter is relatively inexpensive so there is no excuse to put up with bad tasting water.

– Pete Hartmaier

What else is there to say about [PuriTeam] but the facts: Cleans water of most contaminants. Fresh, tasteless water. Easy to setup and use. Countertop version takes minimal space and is easy to fit into decor. Quality product, works reliably and efficiently everytime. Very low maintenance long lasting filter cartridges. Very low per gallon cost. Great product rating all around from a very critical customer. Highly recommend.

– P. Pardo, California

I wanted to let you know that we are loving our whole house water filter. Our water tastes wonderful! There’s no more running to the little filter at the kitchen sink, which always seemed to need replacing, and which worked poorly after a while anyway. Also, we can shower without the awful smell and skin-irritating problems of our heavily-chlorinated city water. You have a great product and we’re so glad we purchased it.

– Ann Low, Georgia

I am very happy with the [Puriteam] company. I got a Reverse Osmosis system and was disappointed to read about how the acidity may be bad for you. Although, at least you know the water is clean. I found online that [Puriteam] had a calcium filter to add on to my system that would add the the calcium back into my drinking water. The calcium helps to raise the pH and gives me calcium which as a woman especially I am concerned with. I am very thankful and happy that you have come up with this idea and hope that you will always have it availiable for me online. It was easy to install and it came rather quickly to me. Thank you [Puriteam].

– J. LeSage, Arizona

Before I bought our reverse osmosis I shopped around a lot. [Puriteam] had the best prices and service by far. I’ve always been very happy; they’ve always been very helpful with questions and top notch service. I would highly recommend them for anyone shopping for these type of products.

– Jim S., Washington

I am using the Filter for years. I love it. My family is very happy with it. I recommend it.

– P. Acevedo, NY

I can honestly say that I will absolutely turn to [PuriTeam.com] for all of my water filtering needs. Its nice to know that I am dealing with a business that I can trust.

– Michael C., North Carolina

My 80 year old mother in law would not use her well water for drinking and cooking. She was purchasing bottled water and lugging the gallon jugs into her home. When she started having back pain, this this task became more difficult. I started looking for an easy solution. I had no luck searching local stores, finding only bulky water coolers, an unsightly attachment for the faucet, or a unit I would have to hire a plumber to install. I found the Purity CT-12 while searching the internet. This seemed like the perfect product for her needs. I ordered it for a Christmas gift and she loved it. Installation was quick, and it’s so easy to use. Her neighbor inquired about the unit and, because he liked it so well, I purchased one for him the next year.

– L. Coleman, Kentucky

I purchased an under the counter water filter system when I renovated my kitchen and could not be happier with the product or the customer service. The product lives up to the what is advertised and the sales people are most helpful. I was so pleased that I also had one installed in a school that I just recently renovated.

– Janet R., New York, NY

We love our [Puriteam] reverse osmosis system. We don’t have to worry about what is lurking in our water anymore. It was extremely easy to install and the best part is the clean fresh taste of the water. I would and do definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

– Diane B., Texas

[PuriTeam] has consistently maintained excellent customer service. They are polite, informative, and reliable. [PuriTeam] is currently my sole source for water purification system needs, including replacement filters and spare parts.

– Andrew Lee, California

I like [Puriteam] and have had steady, uninterrupted service from my dual-filter under-sink unit for something like 6 years. Two years ago, I ordered an identical unit for a friend who planned to install it in his newly purchased condominium. The mounting bracket was damaged in transit, and they shipped a replacement at no charge immediately. When my friend died before closing on the home, I installed the unit instead in my girlfriend’s apartment just before she started chemotherapy, and it has greatly diminished our worries that she could contract an infection from our water supply. Today I spotted replacement filter cartridges at a local Home Depot, and was nonplussed to find that their specs and testing results were not displayed anywhere on the packaging or the store display. That confirmed my commitment to continue ordering replacements from [Puriteam], thanks to your website, which thoroughly cites the results of quality testing and the products’ specifications.

– C. Nolan, Minnesota

We built a new home in 2005 and purchased a Pura UVBB-3 filtration system from [Puriteam]. The system has been fantastic. We have great drinking water, chlorine free showers and water spot free on anything we wash. [Puriteam] has provided us great parts service.

– David Z., California

As a countertop water filter user since 1988, I have over 20 years experience with these devices. My original plunge into water filters were the one-shot NSA countertop models from the 1980s. Although rugged and reliable, they did not filter too well, and were totally throw-away units. Water flow was always good, but the taste degenerated quickly (after only a few months). By comparison, I now use the Purity CT-12 model with replaceable filter. My water is cleaner than ever, and I do not lug heavy bottles of store brand water either. I just refill my 3-gallon water box which sits above my 1970s Cordley water cooler. This older model water cooler has a stainless bowl which lets me see if anything in the water remains, or grows. Since using [Puriteam] products, my cooler always stays clean and hygenic. I can confidently say that I love the performance of your filters, and always have superclen water and clear ice cubes on demand for pennies a gallon. A filter lasts for about 7-8 months at my house, but with 3 people consuming drinking water, it aids convenience and saves me money. Quite pleased in Sterling, Mass.

– Gerry R., MA

This note is to let you know the good experience that I’ve had with filters from [PuriTeam]: I have a Hydrotech Advanced Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Syatem which requires new filters each year. Rather that having a technician come to my home to replace the filters, I simply order them from [PuriTeam], on-line, and install them myself. I don’t have to wait on the technician, and I save approximately 50% on the replacement cost. Thanks, [PuriTeam]!

– Tom B., Michigan

I could not be happier with my purchases from [PuriTeam], which I found online several years ago. Previously I was going down to the store to purchase filters for my refrigerator every 6 months and spending about $35 each time to avoid the chlorine taste in my city water. With [PuriTeam] I got a filter for about $50 that lasts 3 years and was very easy to install externally. Thank you again for the prompt deliveries and low prices and ease of installation.

– Bob R., Florida

I have been using the Purity CT-12 countertop water filter for about 6 years and am very pleased with it. It certainly beats buying and lugging gallons of bottled water each week! My brother, who is a water chemist, read the report and was very impressed with the quality of the filter. Besides getting good-quality water, I like that the filter needs changing only about every 3 years. I would not hesitate to recommend this product.

– Joan W., MA

The filter is great, it has helped our well water feel and smell better, it seems to help the toilet, sinks and tubs from staining.

– Ray Recculis

I ordered my replacement filters for my Hydrotech water treatment system. The staff @ [Puriteam] took down my model # and got me the right filters for my system and @ a very good price. The people are knowledgeable and pleasant. I will continue to come back to [Puriteam] for my filtering system needs.

– Larry Williams, Iowa

Just a note of Thanks for the quality of your product and the honest customer service. I have been a customer for over three years and have only purchased one product from you, an under the sink unit. I called customer service thinking I might be due for a replacement after 3 years and the representative provided me with the information as to what to look out for when the unit shows signs for replacing. Turns out for the moment the unit is still working fine. Your company’s quality assurance and integrity will save me time, effort and money in the future as I can confidently call on you. Thanks again, Roy

– Roy M., Idaho

I have purchased a few different whole house water purification systems from [Puriteam] over the years and have had nothing but the very best customer service from [Puriteam]. It is always such a pleasure to talk with Joy who always gives us the best information and very quickly too. The products are easy to install and work very effectively. As someone who is notoriously difficult to please, I would not hesitate to recommend [Puriteam] to anyone looking to improve their health and the quality of their water. They are simply the best!

– Paula M., Florida

In August 2008 I purchased the Purity CT-12 for my college dorm room and I feel that it was a very worthwhile purchase! I had concerns about the quality of the water at my college and decided that instead of spending a fortune on cases of water bottles each week, I should outfit the kitchen faucet with a countertop purifier. Not only have I saved money each week by purchasing this product, but I have also been able to enjoy clean and fresh water without worrying about the water quality! This product is maintenance free and I still have two more years with my current filter! Thanks so much for making a great product and for being so easy to work with!

– Brian Reilly, NJ

My water went from feeling gritty and tasting like sewage smells to better than bottled water quality with no more than an hours worth of work. Almost maintenance free and great water quality, what more can you ask for.

– Bryan T., Texas

Many years ago I was searching for a new water filter for home usage and I discovered [PuriTeam’s] products through reading the research and ratings of different water filters. We are concerned about chlorine, bacteria, and other contaminants in our public water supply. Being convinced that this product was rated the highest of any in the price range that I had been considering, I purchased the countertop model Purity CT-12. From the very first use, I was impressed with the taste of the water, which was pure, clean, and odorless. I drink water only at room temperature, so taste and quality is important. [PuriTeam] filtered water also makes great tea, coffee, etc. Our usage averages about two+ gallons per day. None of the parts have ever been replaced except the filter cartridge. The cartridge lasts several years with no detectable decline in quality. Our family will continue to use this product or a similar [PuriTeam] replacement well into the future. I have never had any disappointments or regrets about this product, and I recommend this product without reservation.

– L. Gratton, Georgia

I bought 2 [Puriteam] over the counter water filter at different time. I love the product. it’s easy to use and the water taste very good. customer service was wonderful too when I encountered problem during installation. I will need another water filter soon. I will definitely buy from you again.

– S. Gadbois, Illinois

We moved to the US from Switzerland and were use to drinking the tap water and it tasting great. We moved to South Carolina and all we tasted was chlorine and just bad water. We searched for water systems that would filter the entire house because taking a shower was like having a steam bath in chlorine. We have two young kinds and did not want to expose them to this either. We found [PuriTeam] and bought the water system complete and have been happy ever since. We moved to North Carolina and took the system with us. It was absolutely no problem to remove it from the old house and take it and install in the new house. The customer service team with [PuriTeam] was there to support us and answer all questions regarding the move. We feel like your water system gave us back the clean, great tasting water we were use to from Switzerland. I would never do with out it again. Our entire family thanks you.

– S. Nyers, South Carolina

I am very satisfied with [Puriteam] water filters.

– Paul Oh, New York

We have purchased 4 filters and a filtration system from [Puriteam] over the last year. We have been very pleased with the product and also the service. We had a canister filter system with a defective pressure release valve and it was replaced without any hassle and within a matter of a few days. In ordering new filters we are very pleased with the reponse time in both getting the product and or help in answering questions by phone. Thanks for the great product.

– Voni S., Texas

I just wanted to send a note letting you know how pleased I am with My Purhome X-5 filter. I did quite a bit of research prior to purchasing a system. I chose the Purhome for a number of reasons. Among them being the fact that no back wash is needed and the fact that the carbon is coconut based. I installed the filter in November 2008 and the installation was very straight forward. It has been SOOOO nice to have Clean chlorine free water at every faucet in the house. I can take a shower and not smell like chlorine for the rest of the day and I can get a drink anywhere in the house and know I am getting pure water that tastes great. Just last week I noticed that my water pressure was less then normal so I checked the pre-filter and was amazed to see the amount of gunk it had trapped. The pre-filter was brown. I put in a new one and we were back up and running in about 3 minutes. Thank you for a wonderful product and great customer service.

– Deb M., California

Thank you for your excellent prices, service, and support. I have ordered two reverse osmosis under-sink systems from you and both are working perfectly. …Keep up the great work!

– David C.

I am writing you today to thank you for all your help with my recent [Puriteam] X 1000 purchase. I have installed the second X-1000 and the system is working beautifully. Water pressure is excellent and the quality of the water is unsurpassed. Even my skeptical plumber was impressed by the end results. From our drinking water, to our shower, to our hot tub my family is now enjoying clean purified water. I should point out that Carol from your sales staff also did an excellent job answering all my questions and addressing my concerns. I will certainly be keeping your company in mind, as my next project is improving the air quality of our home. Thank you again for all your help.

– Michael Moran

We had our [Puriteam] Water System installed at the end of November, 2009. Because of the new system our water quality has significantly improved. Our drinking water is so clear, clean and chemical free that we no longer need to buy case after case of bottled water, since the water from our tap tastes so good. This system has also eliminated the odor you’d notice after showering. Our shower no longer has the pink build up on the grout and marble, and the hard water stains have been slowed. This water also leaves your skin less dry after showers. I’m sure this system will prolong the life of our appliances by eliminating harmful chemicals, and particles in our water system. This has been a terrific decision, and has improved our quality of life in our home.

– Francine & Dick Holzer, West Grove, PA

Did you know that 98% of our customers say they would recommend us to a friend?

– PuriTeam Customer Service

I am so lovin’ drinking out of my tap! And the water tastes so sweet!

– Patty C. – Exton, PA

Just wanted to thank you, especially Joy, for outstanding service long after the sale. Joy is knowledgeable, eager to help, communicates clearly (in English!), and lives up to her name. I am delighted to be able to do business with a company that supports these qualities.

– Julie J – Wellsboro, PA

I wanted to commend you for your superb assistance on ordering and installing a UV20-3 and a RO. I was able to install both with just a few calls to you. I just had the water tested and it is working fine. It is a pleasure to work with people that are as responsive and knowledgeable as you. I saved over $1,000.

– Morris U. – Georgetown, TX

Wow! What a great system. I bought the Pur Home X 1000 High Flow system. And can not believe how great it is, and so easy to install. And nwe havow e nice clean soft water. I would recommend this system to anyone thinking to buy one. Thanks to Puriteam team staff.

– Tony Perra, San Diego California

I have had my Pura UVBB3 for over 10 years. My plants love it! My dogs and cats love the clean, no-taste water. Being an Organic-Vegetarian, I love the pure, clean water coming from my faucets! People visit and ask for bottled water… I take them to the basement and give them a lesson about my PuraTeam filter. They are rightfully impressed!

– Kirk L, Fraser, Michigan

I am writing this review to let everyone know what a fantastic product Puri Team is . I had one installed back in 2001 and never replaced a water heater after 16 years or had any water problems of any kind have bought another home and would not move in until my Puri Team system was installed. I have had the water heating checked and there are no impurities. This truly is the very best water system on the market for our water. And I want to add Joy and her daughter are wonderful people to work with. Kind , knowledgeable, and professional

– Mary F., Las Vegas, NV