If your home receives its water from a private well, you should know that it’s never completely filtered by the time it reaches your tap. There are over 2,100 known contaminants in tap water, and even more are present in well water due to the lack of initial filtering from a municipal source.

Iron in water can have a multitude of negative effects on your quality of life, impacting your health and destroying your valuable fixtures. It is absolutely crucial to install an iron water filter in your home to completely remove the substance from your water supply. Here’s a breakdown of iron in water, including the problems it can cause and the solutions you should seek:

The problem: Iron is a troubling substance that can harm you in more ways than one. From a health standpoint, iron in water by itself isn’t the issue. The dangers of iron stem from the potential for iron sediments that harbor bacteria to cling to your pipes, creating a brown sludge that carries trace impurities into your water supply. Iron laden water will have a metallic, unpleasant taste, and you will immediately be able to tell if it is present in your water supply. In addition to health and taste, iron has a huge impact on your fixtures, such as your showers and toilets. Excessive manganese, which is usually found in combination with iron, will leave a blackish stain on your fixtures, and even your laundry will come out off-colored and stained as a result of iron exposure.

The solution: If you have iron, rust, and/or manganese in your well water supply, you will need specialized treatment to fix the problem. Whole home water filtration is your best option in eliminating the risks of iron in water from every room in your house. Iron water filters are specifically built to target iron in your water supply and remove it, as well as the bacteria it can carry. It’s important to seek solutions to iron in water before these unsettling risks materialize, as opposed to waiting until you fall ill and have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase a new shower, toilet, or wardrobe.

If you have already noticed a metallic taste in your well water, in conjunction with any of the other aforementioned signs of iron, you need to call a qualified expert who can diagnose the problem and supply you with the filtration system you need to protect your family. It could end up being the best investment you ever make.