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The Rainshow'r Shower Filter CQ 1000

3.00 LBS

Product Description

The Rainshow'r Filter CQ 1000 At a Glance:

  • Shower purifier that provides a healthier shower
  • It reduces a staggering 90% of the chlorine found in your home's water.wqa-rainshower-cq-1000-certification-copy.png
  • It comes with a sediment filter built right in.
  • It's WQA Tested and Certified


The Rainshow'r Shower Filter CQ 1000

The Rainshow'r Shower Filter CQ 1000 is just what is needed for those who suffer from a chlorine sensitivity, or for anyone who would want to have a healthier, more refreshing shower. It's easy to install, and requires hardly any maintenance, making it perfect for apartments. After its simple installation, the CQ 1000 shower purifier will begin filtering showers with the result of more manageable hair, and less dry skin.

The CQ 1000 shower purifier provides healthier showers by removing chlorine. Without a filter, bathrooms can easily become toxic, unhealthy environments where chlorinated steam can be inhaled in concentrated amounts, and where chlorine can be absorbed through the skin. Consequently, it leaves skin feeling dry and itchy, makes hair brittle and prone to dandruff, causes rashes or makes them worse, and leaves eyes feeling itchy and sore. Using KDF media, the CQ 1000 effectively reduces more than 90% of the chlorine in a home's shower water, providing a healthier, more refreshing shower experience.

The CQ 1000 reduces the buildup of limescale, bacteria, algae, and fungi in the shower and tub.

Unlike other shower filters currently on the market, the CQ 1000 also features power massage capabilities. Thanks to its Crystalline Quartz, it can soften the water for an energy enhanced "feel" that simultaneously improves lathering and sudsing.

Best of all, the Rainshow'r Shower Filter CQ 1000 will continue to provide a better shower experience for months. Each filter lasts an average of eight to twelve months depending on water quality and the amount of people showering on a regular basis.


Size: 8" long, 3" in diameter

Fits all standard shower head sizes


Filter Replacements:

Rainshow r Replacement CQ 1000R

Part #RCCQ-R or CQ 1000R


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Warranty Information

Warranty: 1 Year Housing

Six-month satisfaction guarantee
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