Does great water quality equal great tasting home brewed beer?

You bet it does! After all, beer is 90% water.  All water used for home brewing should taste good, if your tap water has a bad taste or color then your beer will as well. You want to start your home brew with the cleanest of water for the best end result.

Whether its “city” water or “well” water, you may want to question its quality for brew. Each of these can have their own contaminants or added chemicals that can affect the flavor of your beer.

For those with well water, did you know that your tap water consists of microscopic particles that cannot be seen with the human eye? A key starting point is simply removing as many of these suspended particles as possible. Get a fine-micron filter (usually 10 microns or less) to filter the most particles. This will ensure a great home brew.

For all you city water brewers you should think about the Chlorine and/or Chloramines that are added to the water by your local municipality. Some of these chemicals added can alter the flavor of your beer and even cause premature aging.  And yes, some will also boil out in the brewing process however they become airborne gasses and you are inhaling these gasses. If you have ever experienced a headache when brewing beer with city treated water you can blame it on the chemicals in the water not the time consuming process of home brewing. If you can smell chlorine in the water you have already inhaled it and chlorine is in its most harmful state when heated. Home brewing should not be harmful to your health.

A simple solution to these and many water issues is adding a whole house filtration system to your home. By adding a filtration system you can ensure that the water from every tap in your home is brew- ready. With the wide variety of water filtration systems offered you can be sure to find one that is just right for your needs whatever they may be.  We can assist with diagnosing your personal water issues and finding your perfect water filtration system. Click here to learn more:

So to sum it all up, for the tastiest of libations you want to start with the cleanest of water. Most home brewers are passionate about making a great tasting beer and they like to experiment with different ingredients which set their home brew apart from the rest. We recommend getting a water filtration system so you can ensure that you have best quality water to make the best tasting beer. Happy Brewing!