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Let's get started to find you the best water filter for your needs. Just answer a few simple questions and we will provide an instant recommendation.


1. Do you have city water? (Also called municipal, i.e. you get a water bill)


2. What state do you live in? (If outside the U.S., select last choice "Outside U.S.")


When finished selecting your state, press Next.

Now, tell us how many bathrooms you have in your home:

2.5 Baths or less
3 to 5 Baths
6 Baths or MORE

Tell us About Any Specific Contaminant Concerns You Have

Your whole house water filter from PuriTeam will take care of taste and odor issues. It will also address sediment, chlorine, chloramines, lead, other heavy metals, and organic contaminants (such as VOCs and SOCs).

However, you may be concerned about several other specific contaminants in your water. If you're not concerned about any of these, then select "None of These".

Chromium VI
None of these

When finished selecting, press Next.

Do you have hard water?

Do you see white scale or buildup around plumbing fixtures?

Do you have water scale buildup on glass shower doors or shower walls?

Does your water municipality water report indicate your water is hard?

If Yes to any of these questions, then please answer "Yes" below.

If you do not experience any of these issues and do not have hard water, then please answer "No" below.


You're almost done.  Now wasn't that easy?

Next we will give you your customized recommendation, but first tell us a little about you.   Don't worry, we will never sell, rent or otherwise misuse your information.

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