Do You Need a Whole House Fluoride Removal Filter?

No doubt you’ve heard some of the recent controversy surrounding fluoride in our public drinking supply. While the data is not yet conclusive, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the mandatory fluoridation of our water is at best not necessary – and at worst harming our children. Many industrialized nations do not fluoridate their water at all and they have none of the supposed dental issues that our dentists scare us about.

As a result, you may be seeking a method to remove fluoride in your entire home. After all, it can’t be a bad idea to remove something so controversial from your home, right? Well yes … and no. Let’s explain.

Removing fluoride at the whole house level is unnecessary.

Fluoride is only harmful when ingested. So drinking it is not advised, but showering in it or flushing toilets doesn’t impact your health. However, removing it from drinking water is a little tricky. It takes special filters to remove it, not just any carbon filtration system will do. We recommend you use reverse osmosis or a specific fluoride removal filter.

Once you have one of these filters in place under your kitchen sink, it’s easy to “tee” off a line going to your refrigerator water if you have a built-in water dispenser. Then all your drinking water will be fluoride-free.

Here’s even better news.

To keep you up to date on water quality trends, we review hundreds of municipal water quality reports annually. We also use these reports to advise customers like you on the best filtration system for their needs. We’ve noticed over the past few years that the amount of fluoride being added to public water is getting lower and lower. First, most states have reduced the maximum amount from 4.0ppm (parts per million) to 2.0ppm

Second, most states are not even adding this full amount. In our experience, the average is roughly 0.8ppm, which is less than half of the stated maximum of 2.0ppm. You can check your own water report. They are available online (usually in PDF format). If you have trouble finding yours online, grab a copy of your bill and give us a call. We are happy to help you find it online. Then we can interpret the report for you and give you expert advice on what you should be concerned about and what you don’t need to be concerned about.

We are happy to review your report with you for free and guide you appropriately based on all the contaminant levels, so you can choose the best water filter for your specific needs.

For more information, please contact us if you have more questions or concerns about your specific water supply. It is our goal here at to provide the highest quality information and filtration products you can trust for your home.