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HOW – you should evaluate companies

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City Water Problems

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
SOCs (Synthetic Organic Compounds)
Heavy Metals (lead, copper, other)
Arsenic removal
… And more

Well Water Problems

Iron in Well Water
Hard Water
Rusty Water
Sulfur Smell, Rotten Egg Odor
Arsenic in Water
pH issues
… And more

Purchasing a whole house water filter is a great decision. The water throughout your entire home will be filtered, including shower and bathing water, drinking, laundry, pets’ water and more.

At PuriTeam, we have been helping people choose the best whole house water filter for their home for 13 years. Not all systems are created equal. We offer a 6 month guarantee and free shipping on any order over $99.00.

Is a whole house water filter right for you? We offer no-pressure advice and information… just request a “Help Me Choose”, one of our free reports, or peruse our Water Education Center.

These resources are meant to help you find the best whole house water filter for your needs.